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Recommended holiday lettings in Algonquin Park

Rent a holiday home, apartment or cottage in Algonquin Park from just £63 per night

House Eagle Lake 7
House ∙ 7 guests ∙ 4 bedrooms
Eagle Lake, Dysart and Others, Canada
from £188
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House South Algonquin 13
House ∙ 13 guests ∙ 5 bedrooms
South Algonquin, Nipissing District, Canada
from £191
"Very good"
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House Eagle Lake 14
5 Dec - 12 Dec
House ∙ 14 guests ∙ 7 bedrooms
Eagle Lake, Dysart and Others, Canada
from £711 £870
View deal
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Apartments and holiday lettings with a kitchen

House Kitchen Huntsville
House ∙ 8 guests ∙ 3 bedrooms
Huntsville, Muskoka District Municipality, Canada
from £112
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House Kitchen Whitney
House ∙ 8 guests ∙ 3 bedrooms
Whitney, South Algonquin, Canada
from £146
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Popular holiday rental amenities in Algonquin Park

  • Parking (19)
  • No smoking (17)
  • Internet (15)
  • BBQ (11)
  • Microwave (11)
  • Kitchen (9)
  • Garden (8)
  • TV (7)
  • Pet allowed (6)
  • Fireplace (5)
  • Fishing (5)
  • Air conditioning (4)

Rentals can be chosen based on different criteria. Just above, you can see the total number of lettings that provide a particular amenity in Algonquin Park. You can easily choose a property fitting your expectations in Algonquin Park if you never miss an episode of your favourite show or you can't imagine a holiday without internet, since a lot of the rentals include TVs or internet. You can also search for a rental if you want a rental with a jacuzzi, as 9 of the listed lettings there include jacuzzis.

The Weather in Algonquin Park




- Rainy days

You can see our climate diagram above. During July, maximum temperatures climb above 25°. February is the coolest month, with the average minimum temperature falling to -19°. The rainiest month is July, while the driest month is January.

Accommodation options for your holiday in Algonquin Park

Users who are looking for house rentals in Algonquin Park have plenty of options to choose from, since this is the most common holiday accommodation type there. These holiday properties have a median size of 249 m² and cost, on average, £222 per night. Moreover, this category of accommodation tends to be the perfect choice for large groups, since most of the house rentals can host groups of 8. If you're interested in another accommodation type, you may want to check out hotel rooms, which are the other most common property type in Algonquin Park. The average size of hotel rooms in Algonquin Park is 249 m², and the average price is £130 per night.

Explore Canada's famous forests with Algonquin Park holiday homes

Your holiday home in Algonquin Park is located in one of Canada's most (deservedly) famous national parks. Supporting a productive logging industry, the region's vast natural landscapes have inspired generations of artists with their grandiose beauty, which offsets the humility of the region's friendly natives.

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What are the best places to discover the arts and culture of Algonquin Park?

Art meets nature

Algonquin Art Center showcases the greatest Canadian artists, many of whom were inspired by the unique landscapes of the staggeringly vast wilderness on the doorstep of your holiday home. Known as the Group of Seven, these painters capture the majesty of Algonquin Park in ways that will transform the way you see it, too.

Explore the fascinating outdoor museum that presents Ontario's logging history through literal exhibits including pine groves and a picturesque logging village. Algonquin Logging Museum is a unique insight into the unity of nature and culture that defines this rural yet grand part of the world.

What are the best activities for families in Algonquin Park?

Lakes and loons

Silently drift out onto Lake Opeongo by canoe or kayak and listen to the ethereal echo of the loons in autumn. A profusion of trails surround the lake, and you can also grill the day's catch on the shore as the sun sets after you lakeside adventures.

You could also enjoy a family cycle ride along Old Railway Bike Trail, a scenic route that takes you past some of the most attractive habitats in the park, including lush meadows, lake shore, and thick forests.

Where are the unique attractions in Algonquin Park?

National Parks and pines

Lookout Trail is packed with exquisite sights; from erratic geology to glassy lakes. Wander through the souring trees which seem to offset the deep blue sky, and marvel at the chorus of twittering birds and other wildlife that run free in this park.

Follow the aptly named Big Pines Trail to discover 20 vast, white pines. A pamphlet available from the visitors centre describes the growth process, logging conditions, and ecology of the forest.

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