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The Dour Festival won the prize for the best medium-size festival in 2010.

Everything You Need to Know About Dour

What music can I expect?
• A mix of techno, hardstyle and jumpstyle

How do I get there?
• Buses running from Germany, France, Switzerland, England and Holland to the festival and back
• For those arriving by train, there is a free shuttle service from the station to the festival site

Can I attend for just one day?
• Yes, costs vary: Wed. - about £47, Thu.-Sun. - about £55

Easiest to get to: The Dour Festival is 1st place in our ranking of most accessible festivals.
You should also prepare to get dirty: The festival is 1st in our ranking of dirtiest festivals.

  • Genre: • EDM / Dance
  • Audience: • Ravers, Mudbathers, Beer pong players
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