Holiday rentals in Buckingham

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Popular holiday rental amenities in Buckingham

  • No smoking (17)
  • Internet (16)
  • Parking (16)
  • TV (15)
  • Kitchen (12)
  • Garden (11)
  • Microwave (10)
  • Washer (10)
  • BBQ (9)
  • Balcony/Patio (9)
  • Wheelchair access (6)
  • No pets (3)
Buckingham is a wonderful holiday destination if you want a property with a pool. A few of the holiday rentals there have one. Hotel rooms with pools in Buckingham are a great choice for groups of 3 and have an average cost of £83 a night. If you would also like to be near the water, a few of the accommodation options providing a pool are within 2 kilometres of the waterfront. Buckingham is a great holiday spot if you're a pet owner, as a lot of properties in Buckingham allow you to bring your four-legged friend. Also, pet-friendly holiday rentals in Buckingham cost, on average, £92 per night. You will also find various rental options if you would prefer to stay near the city centre, as a few of the pet-friendly holiday lettings are less than 2 kilometres from the city centre.

Accommodations in Buckingham

Users who are hoping to find hotel rooms in Buckingham will have a lot of options to choose from, since they are the most typical property type there. Additionally, the average nightly price of hotel rooms in Buckingham is £94, and their size, on average, is 27 m². Moreover, this specific type of property is usually great for couples and small groups, since the majority of hotel rooms are able to host at least 3 people. Farmhouse rentals are the second most typical property type in Buckingham. Farmhouse rentals have an average size of 7 m² in Buckingham.

Holiday cottages in the charming town of Buckingham

A thatched cottage with its wildflower garden is the ideal getaway for a relaxed holiday and a welcoming place to come back to after a leisurely stroll through the English countryside near Buckingham.

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Local Attractions

Exploring the garden of Stowe

The famous 18th century landscape architect Capability Brown created, amongst others, Stowe Garden which is only a short drive away from Buckingham. Follies, bridges and statues combined with ancient trees and flowering meadows delight the eye and provide superb photographic opportunities.

Local Events

A long market tradition

Street markets has been a staple feature of Buckingham's social scene for more than 600 years. They are held every Tuesday and Saturday and make it easy for you to buy delicious fresh food for your self catering needs in Buckingham.

Each October, the town commemorates its long market history with a traditional fairground in its centre. Other yearly events are the Teddy Bears' picnic in June and bonfires and fireworks for Guy Fawkes Night in November.

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