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Popular holiday rental amenities in Carnforth

  • Internet (8)
  • No smoking (7)
  • TV (6)
  • Kitchen (5)
  • Parking (4)
  • Garden (4)
  • Washer (4)
  • Pet allowed (3)
  • AC (3)
  • No pets (2)
  • BBQ (2)
  • Pool (2)
Carnforth is a wonderful holiday destination if you want an accommodation with a pool. A few of the properties there have one. Our data show that more house rentals provide pools than cabin. Additionally, they can host 5 people, on average, while cabin with pools can host an average of 6 people. In Carnforth, all of the rentals with a pool are situated close to the water. Holidaymakers who are specifically searching for a pet-friendly rental will find Carnforth convenient, since many holiday rentals are pet-friendly. If this is a top requirement for you, check the house rentals in Carnforth. This is the most pet-friendly accommodation type there. You will also find various rental options if you want to rent near the city centre, as a few of the pet-friendly holiday lettings are less than 2 kilometres away from the centre of the city.

Accommodation options in Carnforth

Nearly half of the offers (43.75%) in Carnforth are hotel rooms. They are the most typical holiday properties on offer there. The average size of hotel rooms in Carnforth is 14 m², with an average price of £108 a night. Moreover, these holiday properties tend to be a great choice for couples and small groups, as most can welcome 3 guests. If you would like to rent something else, you can search some other accommodation types, including house rentals, which are the second most typical property type in Carnforth. House rentals have an average size of 15 m² in Carnforth.

Carnforth holiday cottages offer a mesmerising countryside experience

Carnforth lies at the northern end of Morecambe Bay in Lancashire. It is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered, and a holiday cottage offers respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s also a stone’s throw from the Lake District, offering superb access to unparalleled exploration.

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Art & Culture

Give yourself some romantic moments

Carnforth Railway Station and Visitor Centre is a major attraction. The railway station’s cafeteria was used as a set in the classic 1945 romantic film 'Brief Encounters'. The cafeteria attracts a crowd in the afternoon for light refreshments and tea.

Spend some time at the Heritage Centre, which adjoins the railway station. It offers insight into the history of Carnforth and the making of the 1945 film. The station is the place to head for a ride on the vintage Scarborough Spa Express which explores the lush North Yorkshire countryside.

Family Activities

Family fun for everyone

Take the children to nearby Capernwray Hall, which houses a swimming pool and leisure centre. It's an enjoyable and relaxing way to while away a warm day. A visit to the Greenlands Farm Village will let you pick up local produce, and there is a garden centre, café and a play area for children for enjoy.

The neighbouring town of Beetham hosts the tiny Heron Theatre, which presents plays and musicals. The theatre is housed in a former 18th century grammar school.

Local Attractions

Looking beyond Carnforth

Enjoy a leisurely walk to the neighbouring village of Wharton to explore the Wharton Old Rectory. Although in ruins, the rectory was constructed in the 14th century and functioned as the local manor house. While you're there, visit the mesmerising St. Oswald’s Church.

Just under three miles from Carnforth is the Gothic mansion, Leighton Hall. It is owned by the Gillow family, but offers guided tours. You can even enjoy rejuvenating nature walks around the grounds or pick up souvenirs at the gift shop.

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