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118 m² House
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Dufftown, Moray, United Kingdom
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Rent a holiday apartment, home or cottage in Dufftown: from £47 per night

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125 m² Apartment
6 3
Dufftown, Moray, United Kingdom
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2 2
Dufftown, Moray, United Kingdom
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70 m² House
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Moray, Scotland, United Kingdom
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Popular holiday rental amenities in Dufftown

  • TV (48)
  • No smoking (47)
  • Internet (40)
  • Garden (33)
  • Kitchen (31)
  • Fishing (25)
  • Microwave (24)
  • Parking (24)
  • BBQ (22)
  • Washer (18)
  • Fireplace (17)
  • Balcony/Patio (16)
Finding a holiday rental with a pool shouldn't be too hard in Dufftown. A few of the properties have one on offer. Also, holiday rentals with pools in Dufftown cost, on average, £133 a night. Most of the available properties with pools are house rentals. Among these holiday rentals, a few of them are situated within 2 kilometres of water. If you travel with your pet, you can easily compare and find a pet-friendly holiday rental in Dufftown. Most pet-friendly holiday lettings in Dufftown are house rentals. Furthermore, their average price is £97. a night. You can also find various accommodation options if you want to rent near the city centre, as a few of the pet-friendly properties are within 2 kilometres of the city centre.

The weather in Dufftown


- Rainy days

This is the climate diagram in Dufftown. The highest average temperatures are in the month of July. Conversely, January is the coolest month in Dufftown, with temperatures going under 1°. February is the driest month.

In Dufftown, house rentals are the most common property type. Interestingly, the average price of this specific type of property is £118 a night, with an average size of 103 m². Furthermore, most house rentals in Dufftown can host groups of 6, which makes Dufftown a perfect holiday destination for medium-sized groups and families. You could also search and find other accommodation options in Dufftown. Bed & Breakfast rentals are another common accommodation type in Dufftown with 14 properties to compare. Our analysis reveals that the median cost of bed & breakfast rentals is £88 a night for an area of 21 m².

A holiday letting in Dufftown offers comfort, ease and convenience

Whether you decide to go for a cosy cottage, a conversion or a bungalow, your Dufftown accommodation offers the perfect holiday letting from which to enjoy this charming part of Scotland.

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Family Activities

Falcons and fast cars: Days out for kids

A day out at the North East Falconry Centre is a must for all nature fanatics. Owls, eagles, hawks and falcons are all on display and exciting falconry shows take place throughout the day.

The Moray Motor Museum, meanwhile, is heaven for petrol heads. Get ready for vintage cars and fast motorcycles!

Local Attractions

Sipping whiskies and sand wedges

Dufftown is widely known as the Whiskey Capital of the World, and many famous distilleries are based in or around the town. A tasting tour of the Glenfidditch Distillery – which is within walking distance from Dufftown – is highly recommended.

If you're in need of a bit of fresh air, then the greens of the Garmouth Golf Course offers a classy way to hit the links and is open to non-members.

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