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Find the ideal accommodation for as little as £55 per night by searching through the 17 properties on offer in Formby. Our search engine directly evaluates all of the accommodation options so you can save up to 10%.

Popular holiday rental amenities in Formby

  • No smoking (10)
  • Kitchen (9)
  • Parking (8)
  • TV (8)
  • Internet (7)
  • Pets allowed (5)
  • Microwave (5)
  • Washer (5)
  • Fireplace (4)
  • Balcony/Patio (3)
  • Garden (3)
  • Pool (2)
You will have a lot of rentals to choose from if you are looking for an accommodation with a pool in Formby. Our data shows that more hotel rooms have pools than resorts. Additionally, they're able to host 3 holidaymakers, on average, while resorts with pools can welcome an average of 6 people. Among these offers, a few of them are within 2 kilometres of water. If you want to bring your pet, you should easily be able to find a pet-friendly rental in Formby. Most pet-friendly holiday rentals in Formby are house rentals. Moreover, their average price is £149 a night. A few of the pet-friendly holiday rentals are situated less than 2 kilometres away from the city centre.

The weather in Formby


- Rainy days

Find the Formby climate diagram. July is the warmest month of the year in Formby with temperatures reaching a maximum average of 20°. On the contrary, the coolest month is January. March is the driest month.

Discover the joys of Merseyside with a Formby holiday letting

Your Formby accommodation is perfectly situated to allow you enjoy the golden beaches, historic cities and excellent amenities to be found in this charming corner of Merseyside.

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Family Activities

Strawberry Fields and model villages

Children will love the multicoloured Mersey River Explorer. While the kids enjoy all the fun of the ferry ride, adults can learn about the city of Liverpool and its influence on Beatles songs Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields.

Kids of all ages will love the Model Railway Village in Southport. Trains run along 500 metres of track that winds through a lovingly-created model village.

Local Attractions

Rollercoasters vs. red squirrels

Why not take a day to stroll along the golden sands to nearby Southport? A change of pace from the peace and quiet of Formby, Southport is famous for its theme parks, seafront attractions and historic pier.

South of Formby lies the Red Squirrel Reserve. Natterjacks, red squirrels and beautiful seaside hiking trails await.

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