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City Breaks: Top Destinations

Top Weekend Break Spots Worth Visiting

Big on adventure, but short on time? If you've got limited holiday time, but still want to travel, look no further. You can still see some of the world's most incredible places with just 48 hours to spare!
Top destinations for a weekend break

Top destinations for a weekend break

If a longer break is on the cards, here's where you should consider paying a visit for a weekend trip with a difference.

  • 1. Marrakesh

    is the main city (though not the capital) of Morocco, a beautiful north African country. Bordered by mountains, Marrakesh is famed for its incredible markets and fantastic cuisine.

  • 2. St. Petersburg,

    in northern Russia, is one of the world's most opulent cities. If you can afford the visa fee (around £150 for UK nationals), some of the world's best theatre, ballet, and nightlife can be found in it's wide, grand streets.

  • 3. Tbilisi

    is an incredible up-and-coming destination in Georgia (the country, not the US state!) Tbilisi is known for being arguably the home of wine (yes, that's right!) and an incredible bourgeoning nightlife and music scene. While you're there, be sure to try Khachapuri, a cheesy, bready, eggy mess of goodness.

The top 10 city breaks in Europe

The top 10 city breaks in Europe

Vibrant, full of culture, romantic, leisure, all describe Europe. It's an ideal continent for weekend breaks as it represents all the fantastic things under one roof. Moreover, holidaymakers don't have to break the bank or save the whole year to visit Europe. Whether you're looking for a beach resort, romantic getaway or lively city centre, there's so much to choose from.

  • 1. Amsterdam, Holland

    holds the best European waterholes, night clubs, splendid architecture and landmarks. The city offers glistening waterways, interesting landmarks such as Anne Frank House and beautifully painted houses. Amsterdam is typically the perfect weekend break destination.

  • 2. Berlin, Germany

    is the place to be so put on your dancing shoes because you're about to experience a night you'll never forget. There are lots of clubs you can go to to enjoy dancing as well as cocktails. Other places worth visiting include a UNESCO site and a river trip that holds culture-rich museums. Ideally, Berlin has a unique culture and interesting architecture. There's so much to see and do, no matter what your taste or age.

  • 3. Copenhagen, Denmark

    is the happiest town in the world. It's a gem in Europe and a city visitors love to frequent. The good thing about this city is it's small and easy to navigate over weekend breaks. The city has a fantastic waterfront, restaurants and much more to enjoy.

  • 4. Barcelona

    is home to golden beaches and gelato. Fresh seafood is something you can't pass up. Barceloneta Beach is lively with a wide range of water sports and much more. However, for something quieter, consider Bogatell Beach. It's a great place to relax, catch the rays and unwind.

  • 5. San Sebastian, Spain

    lies on the coast with a stunning beach. Take a walk along the promenade to soak up the atmosphere. It's a lively place to spend your time in the evening after visiting other parts of Spain. There are many tapas bars and traditional Spanish food to try.

  • 6. Paris

    is one of the best cities for weekend breaks with a loved one. It provides room for the two love birds to walk like Hollywood starlets. Browse the fashion-house city and shop for something your love will always treasure. Take photographs of picturesque scenes as you have a romantic stroll down the Parisian boulevards.

  • 7. Florence

    is a place known for rolling hills and spectacular sunsets. What more could you want for a romantic getaway? You can hire a Florentine gondola and sail through Piazza della Signoria. While onboard, order dinner and toast to a new year of romance as the sunsets.

  • 8. Venice

    is the climax of a romantic adventure, it offers a romantic couple to enjoy a fairy tale break. You'll be able to experience gondola rides across the waterway and the best thing is they are private. At the Bridge of Sighs steal a kiss from your lover. End a romantic weekend break as you watch the sunset in Rio. Venice is a simply pure romance and one of the top locations for people in love.

  • 9. Rome

    is another perfect love bird's destination, especially if you're still dating and dream of getting married. Why? Legends who have come here claim that throwing three coins into the La Dolce Vita fountain leads to marriage. Beside this fountain, there is a wide range of serenading activities and places to see. Pincio Gardens is one of those places with flora & fauna and enchanting aromas. The ancient city presents many activities that allow holidaymakers to explore the culture and enjoy a rekindling romantic adventure.

  • 10. Stockholm

    may not be the first place on most people's list, however there's a lot this frosty city has to offer travellers all year round. From some of the world's most sophisticated cuisine, to gorgeous pointed architecture, to great bars and nightlife. Stockholm is easily accessible from most airports in the UK and it an ideal weekend getaway spot.

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