City Breaks

Best City Breaks in Europe - Explore a New City

Long weekend off? Travel to a new city. Live your weekend to the fullest by going on a city break for an adventurous weekend away. Europe is small but its cultural differences are big. The thrill of a new city and the charm of its people and traditions will give you an experience you won't forget. Magnificent churches, vibrant marketplaces and delicious local specialties will help you make the most out of your short trip.

Rome, or Roma, is home to countless masterpieces gathered over the course of 3,000 years. The Colosseum, its most majestic landmark, is magnificent both from the inside and the outside and is closely situated to the Roman Forum.

  • Vatican City, a city-state within Rome, houses The Vatican Museums. There, you will find Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel frescoes. No pictures are allowed.
  • The Trevi fountain marks the endpoint of the Aqua Virgo, one of the aqueducts supplying water to ancient Rome. It is the largest Baroque fountain in the city.
  • Castel Sant'Angelo was once the tallest building in Rome. Originally meant as a mausoleum for Emperor Hadrian and his family, it is now an astonishing museum.

Due to Berlin's turbulent events of the 20th century, many sights date back to this period. The Holocaust and The Wall are impressive monuments well worth a visit. Berlin is also a perfect city break for party-animals and foodies.

  • Visit the East Side Gallery, a long section of the Berlin Wall. Covered in graffiti artwork, it's a great place for a stroll along the river Spree on a sunny day.
  • Brandenburger Tor is one of the most famous landmarks in Germany and was commissioned as a sign of peace. Don't forget the Reichstag building next door!
  • Enjoy a walk in the Museum Island, which is not only a splendid sight to see but also the home of many renowned museums including the Pergamon and Neues Museum.

Split by the river Vltava, the whole of Prague is an enchanting place for a weekend away with its magical squares and Baroque architecture. Visit the medieval castle of Vyšehrad or explore Josefov, the Jewish quarter of Prague.

  • The 600 yr. old Astronimical Clock is a must-see! Intriguing and beautiful, this artpiece reveals the 12 apostles above the dial every hour it rings.
  • Prague is known for its bridges and enchanting Old Town. Wander around the Jewish quarter, Josefov, and visit the synagogues or the Franz Kafka monument.
  • Walk up the stairs at the Prague Metronome to reach Letná Park. On a sunny day it offers you a beer garden with the best view of Prague's many bridges.

Stroll among the classical beauty of Vienna's cathedrals and parks. Vienna is a dynamic city with a lot of diversity. Theatre-lovers will enjoy a show at the Vienna State Opera. For more unconventional art, check out the graffiti near the river.

  • The square at Karlskirche is vibrant with people who gather around the fountain. In the evening, the dome will light up and show off it's magnificent colors.
  • A good place to experience Vienna' s rich history is the Palace Schönbrunnen. Walk around the gardens or enjoy a view of the palace on top of the hill.
  • For some delicious Sachertorte (first created in 1832) stop by Hotel Sacher. More into streetfood? Then Naschmarkt is where you should head for a short break.

With pleasant temperatures all year round, Madrid is always enjoyable to visit. It's dazzling architecture and immense art collections make Madrid a popular destination for weekend breaks. You won't be bored spending your weekend here.

  • The gardens next to the Royal Palace are a peaceful oasis in the city. Even more impressive is Cybele Palace with its striking white appearance and decorations.
  • Visit the gigantic Museo del Prado. It's easy to lose track of time wandering through the 9,000 artworks this museum has to offer.
  • Hungry? Wander into one of the many tapas places and try some patatas bravas or bocadillos de calamares.

The friendly faces of Dublin will pull you in and make you feel welcome right away. The compact city centre is made to be explored by foot with many cathedrals and parks walking distance from each other. Getting dark? Enjoy a Guinness in one of the cozy bars.

  • For serenity, visit the Iveagh Gardens. Dating back to 1865, it has always been an oasis in the city. Waterfalls and stunning landscape included.
  • The Old Library is a stunning sight and sends that Hogwartsy shiver down your spine. It's part of Trinity College, which was founded in 1592.
  • A nice view of the city can be enjoyed at the Guinness Storehouse. Ireland's most visited attraction offers beautiful sunset views and plenty of pints.

Get lost in the small streets of Venice and hop from island to island until you've seen all 117 of them. Its mysteries and beauty will transport you to another time when merchants occupied the squares and waterways.

  • The Basilica di San Marco isn't something you want to miss when visiting Venice. A breathtaking sight from the outside and the inside with its stunning mosaics.
  • In for some adventure in the lagoon? Paddle around the city in a kayak instead of renting a gondola. See Venice from a different angle.
  • Walk past the Bridge of Sighs, where prisoners would sigh as they took in one last view of Venice before heading to jail.

Visit Krakow and discover Poland and a vestiges from another time. Medieval sights and jewish heritage will transport you into an ancient world. Try some traditional food at Bar Mleczny (Milk Bar) and visit the Wawel Royal Castle while you're at it.

  • Spend an afternoon walking around in the Jewish quarter. The buildings and synagogues remained standing after WWII. Visit Schindler's former enamel factory.
  • The Wawel Cathedral offers you a history of Polish royalty. A former coronation venue of Polish monarchy, it's still one of Poland's most important sanctuaries.
  • The Rynek Underground exhibition takes you 4 metres below ground to experience an 11th century cemetery, among other things. Buy tickets in advance.

The calm water and magnificent buildings along the banks of the Danube make a boat ride the perfect activity for a relaxed afternoon. Walk the narrow streets of Budapest to marvel at the beautiful Art Nouveau architecture the city is known for.

  • The many thermal baths will help you rest your mind and weary feet after an active day. Kiraly is one of the oldest and smallest thermal baths.
  • Visit the Great Synagogue, which is the largest one in Europe and the second largest in the world. Spot the Romantic and Moorish architectural influences.
  • Cross the Széchenyi stone bridge at night and enjoy an enchanting view of the Buda Castle and Parliament building on both sides of the Danube.

London is home to many different cultures with over 300 languages spoken in the city. Check out the market on Brick Lane and treat yourself to a delicious curry afterwards. Not tired yet? Feast your eyes on South Bank's graffiti pieces.

  • The name 'Big Ben' is incorrectly used for the building on the north end of the Westminster Palace, while in fact the name refers to the bell inside the tower.
  • Go to Primrose Hill for an amazing and free view over London. If you prefer views from higher up, head to the Shard where you can observe London at an height of 244 metres!
  • Do not miss the British Museum, home to some of the most incredible antiquities in the world. Entrance is free but you may consider giving a small donation.

As the political centre of Europe, Brussels has astounding architecture. From the Grand Palace and the French-Speaking Parliament building to the magnificent Atomium. Don't forget to enjoy the sights and the sweets with a chocolate tour.

  • Comicbook culture is strong here with many murals across the city. Visit the Belgian Comic Strip Centre and Musée Hergé, named after the cartoonist of Tintin.
  • Check out the Atomium by night, a legacy of Brussels' Expo in 1958. Who wouldn't want to see a 102m metal structure? The 9 spheres have a diameter of 18m each.
  • Enjoy an afternoon of shopping and admire the beautiful interior at Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert. It was opened in 1847 and is Europe's oldest shopping arcade.

Sweden offers more than knäckebröd and IKEA. Stockholm consists of fourteen islands that are connected through 50 bridges. Walk around and marvel at breathtaking architecture and progressive design. Stockholm is an all year round destination.

  • Stockholm has over 70 museums, like the ABBA museum, Skansen (world's first outdoor museum) and the VASA museum (which holds the famous 17th century warship).
  • Since 1901, the city is the chosen venue for awarding the Nobel Prize (except for the Peace prize, which is awarded in Oslo).
  • Stockholm is considered one of the cleanest cities in Europe. The water is not only a marvellous sight, you can actually swim in the middle of town.