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Dog-Friendly Holidays: Top Destinations

Europe's Best Dog-Friendly Holiday Destinations

Can't imagine spending some time away on holiday without your dog? Don't worry! Europe is full of magnificent countries and cities where it is convenient to bring your fluffy friend. We handpicked a selection of destinations where uou will easily find dog-friendly hotels or cottages to walk along the beach or through beautiful cities. From the north to south of Europe, bring your friend wherever you go!
Europe's Best Dog-Friendly Holiday Destinations

Europe's Best Dog-Friendly Holiday Destinations

These cities all offer beautiful outdoor spaces, businesses which welcome pets, and plenty of fun activities for you and your dog!

  • 1. Oslo

    Oslo has the appearance of a small provincial town, which makes it even more charming. In this dynamic and green capital city, you can walk your animal in the city parks or take a boat ride in the Fjords! Frogner Park is the largest park in Oslo. It also houses the largest rose garden in Norway displaying 14,000 roses of 150 different species and a sculpture park. Embark on a ferry towards the magnificent Oslo Fjord. It's a popular place to swim in summer, and you may even get to know each island's unique history.Embark on a ferry towards the magnificent Oslo Fjord. It's a popular place to swim in summer, and you may even get to know each island's unique history. Visit Arkerhus Citadel, which borders the fjord of Oslo. Built in the 13th century, the citadel houses the tombs of the last Norwegian sovereign and two museums.

  • 2. Copenhagen

    As long as you know and follow the rules, you and your dog are bound to enjoy your stay in Copenhagen. Conveniently, where dogs are not permitted, you are informed. All the S-trains are open to dogs but there are specific carriages and positions in some buses where you can sit. Follow the basic rules of using public transport with a dog, and confirm your dog is allowed on board. If it is, you'll see a dog image on the bus or carriage, and if not, you'll see a crossed-out dog image. Avoid 'A-buses' as they don't allow dogs. Regarding where to stay, there are more than enough dog-friendly hotels and eateries around town, as well as beautiful walks you and your pup can enjoy together.

  • 3. St David's

    Britain's smallest city in terms of both size and population is a great destination for relaxing holidays with your pet. From the nearby beaches to the the imposing cathedral, St. David's offers interesting options for a relaxing holiday. This year, St. Davids placed first in our pet-friendly ranking. More than half of the holiday homes in St. Davids welcome dogs - perfect for you and your fluffy friend! In Prembrokeshire you can enjoy a great variety of pet-friendly beaches and bays. Most of the 50 beaches welcome dogs and are great places for walking your dog. Take a boat trip to one of the wild offshore islands of Ramsey, Grassholm, Skomer or Skokholm. On a lucky day, you could see there puffins, dolphins or whales!

  • 4. Amsterdam

    Not only is Amsterdam the most bicycle-friendly city in the world, it's dog-friendly as well! The city is home to many open spaces and dog parks. Your pet will be delighted! Vondelpark is the largest park in the city and houses many bird species. It is a charming place that comes alive in summer with concerts and theatre shows. Have you ever tried an outdoor swimming pool for your pet? Dogs are allowed to swim in Flevopark, which makes it a perfect aquatic break in summer! Stroll in a covered market in Amsterdam Roest, which often hosts fairs. A very popular place for shoppers, it has a charming industrial appearance.

  • 5. Rome

    When in Rome, do as Romans do. A number of Romans take their dogs for a walk near the Circus Maximus every morning in this dog-friendly medieval city. Why not join in? You'll also find a number of designated parks where dogs can walk and play without leads. You'll have an easy time picking a dog-friendly hotel to stay, as there are many. While out and about with your dog, visit Hadrian's Column, the Spanish Steps, Via Veneto, Trevi Fountain, and other stunning outdoor landmarks in Rome. Conveniently, most cafés are also fairly welcoming to dogs.

  • 6. Dublin

    Portmarnock and Dollymount are among the popular dog-friendly sandy beaches just outside Dublin. Eating out or enjoying a drink with your pooch in Dublin proper is fun, too. Dogs are not only welcome, but also catered to in many tearooms, bars, and restaurants. In this city, you also have the option to spoil your dog at dog boutiques, grooming parlours, and even dog-welcoming restaurants.

  • 7. Paris

    The City of Light is not only the capital of fashion, it is considered dog friendly. Brasseries, cafes and shops will be happy to welcome your dog. City parks are also good options for your pet. Try Monceau Park or the Luxembourg Gardens. The Bois de Vincennes in the 12th is a perfect park for a walk. There is also a zoo, a tropical garden, a castle, a fort and many other things to discover! Jacques Antoine square is the first Parisian canine space of the city, where dogs can be off-leash. Its location at Denfert in the 14th district is also a very nice spot. During summer, you can enjoy the sand near the Seine as if you were at the beach with "Paris Plage". The cherry on top? Dogs are also allowed - bring your towel!

  • 8. Reykjavik

    Iceland's capital has a certain charm and a lot of distinctive features. For example, did you know that between 1924 and 1984, dogs were banned in Reykjavik? No longer in practice nowadays, life is good for dog owners at Reykjavik. Walk along the docks of the Old Harbour of Reykjavik. This area offers a great view of the bay to Mount Esja. It's also a nice spot for a morning jog with your dog. The Elliðaárdalur Valley, also known for its river, is an ideal place for taking your dog for a walk. Enjoy this natural beauty with your dog! Love to hike? Head to the Mount Esja and enjoy the panoramic views the top of this 914-metre-high mountain. Will you sign the guest book at the top with a paw print?

  • 9. Berlin

    In 2011, Berlin scooped the title 'Germany's Most Dog-Friendly City'. For a trip to Berlin with your pooch, ensure his or her passport is updated with necessary vaccinations, you have a dog lead that's not more than one metre long, and you have a muzzle for when using public transport. Must-visit neighbourhoods include Schöneberg, Kreuzberg, and Charlottenburg. You and your furry friend can enjoy a long walk through vast, historic Tempelhofer Feld, where you'll also find a dog run.

  • 10. Scotland

    Many places allow dogs in Scotland, all in green and peaceful surroundings. Along with the open spaces, beaches and hills, the attractions and restaurants are also perfect activities for you and your dog. Enjoy your Scottish stay! Sango Bay in Longniddry is the perfect beach to recharge your batteries. Golden sand and black rocks jutting out of the water make Sango Bay a real natural paradise. Discover Loch Lomond. From hiking to kayaking to jet skiing, there is something for everyone. You will not find a larger lake across Britain! Walk around the edge of Castle Of Mey, the former home of The Queen Mother. Your dog will even be able to relax in some dedicated areas of the castle's wood.

  • 11. Zürich

    Switzerland is a friendly country for dogs and the cradle of origin of the Saint-Bernard and other mountain dog breeds. You'll find trails ranging from close-by to far-flung on which to walk your pet. To the west in Ottenbach or Muri, you can walk along the Reuss River. It's a good opportunity for your dog to stretch out and take a dip! Around Affoltern am Albis, a canton of Zurich, enjoy a walk with Fido around the hills, woods, farms and other agricultural areas. Most Swiss restaurants will be happy to host your pet. Dogs are also welcome in most shops and hotels.

  • 12. Málaga

    If you want to sunbathe with your pet, Málaga is an absolute must. You will discover many dog-friendly beaches where you can relax. Ready for a round of beach volleyball? There are at least a dozen dog-friendly beaches in summer in Málaga. Find one and start swimming and tanning with Fido during your stay in Málaga! Andalusia, which includes Málaga and Catalonia, is the autonomous community where the most dog-friendly hotels can be found. A big plus for this seaside destination! You will find it easier to commute in Catalonia or Andalusia with your dog if it's wearing a muzzle.

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