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February Holidays

United Kingdom
United Kingdom

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February Holidays: Top Destinations

Top Spots for Winter Sun and Water Sports in February

For at least three months a year, you get no sunshine. Rather than sitting back and hoping for summer to arrive more quickly, why not get on board for February holidays? Break away from freezing rain, cold winds, and grey clouds. Start planning your trip to add a few days of warmth and sunshine to your year overall.
The Best Destinations for a Holiday In February

The Best Destinations for a Holiday In February

Short days with frosty weather can leave you disenchanted, but there is plenty of sunshine in the Maldives, Cyprus, Thailand, and Florida, among other destinations. Plan your February holidays around your own ideal itinerary, whether it involves wildlife-spotting or relaxing on a warm beach.

  • 1. Cyprus Marinas

    Northern Cyprus is well known for beach resorts such as Larnaca and Paphos. Located on the eastern side of the Mediterranean, the island offers average daytime temperatures of 23°C, making it one of the warmest destinations in the region. Sunseekers not only gather at the Marinas for winter sun but also to explore the salt lakes and check out local winemaking.

  • 2. Florida

    Florida takes the prize for warm and sunny weather in February. No wonder it's called the Sunshine State. Stunning beaches in Clearwater and St. Petersburg welcome visitors while popular theme parks like Disney World facilitate all sorts of family fun. The cool city of Miami is a brilliant option for British holidaymakers who crave average temperatures around 25°C and beautiful white sand beaches.

  • 3. Maldives

    There is hardly any rain in the Maldives during the second month of the year, so start planning a holiday to traverse this blissful archipelago in the Indian Ocean. With more than 1000 islands spreading across countless coral atolls, you can experience a dreamy seascape backed with palm beaches, clear waters, and white sand. If you fancy going under the water, join a scuba diving expedition. You can also take part in parasailing and windsurfing.

  • 4. Sao Miguel, Portugal

    How would you like water activities and volcanoes combined on one island? Sao Miguel is a perfect adventure playground, offering both fresh and saltwater. Find the biggest pelagic species inshore and a green coastline packed with volcanoes. Spot dolphins and whales as you snorkel at the inlet of Villa Franca. Important to see on your visit are octopi and red scorpionfish.

  • 5. Dominica

    Snorkel with sperm whales in the Nature Isle of the Caribbean. It is the whales' breeding season and boat tour guides will be locating good pods so you can see the largest predator on earth from a catamaran. After whale watching, get to the nature reserves of the Caribbean island or engage in diving.

  • 6. Andaman Islands, India

    Take a liveaboard diving trip to the Indian archipelago. The waters are warm so you also have the option to try night diving, in order to see sharks, Manta rays, and bioluminescence. A two-week itinerary will take you through the volcanic Narcondam Island.

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