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3 Great Reasons to Go on an Island Holiday This Year

When most travellers hear 'island', the first thing that comes to mind is 'beach', but island holidays offer much more. One of the top reasons to book an island getaway is the diversity. Unique islands can be found all over the globe, and can be reached by ship or aeroplane. Here you'll find isolated coves and grottos, rare species of birds and marine life, thrilling opportunities to go snorkelling or diving, and also to go trekking through singular landscapes. Chances are, you can find the perfect island for you.

Fun, sun, and relaxation

On the Balearic Islands, visitors who enjoy nature can choose a holiday home on Majorca, the largest of the islands. It offers picturesque mountains with rugged cliffs, where adventurers can explore caves both above and below ground. Or if caving is not for you, stay on Ibiza, where turquoise water and exciting nightlife await.

Another reason to book island holidays is affordability. Travelling to islands used to be an expensive (and lengthy!) ordeal. But thanks to improved technology, flights and vessels are now very affordable. Hawaii is a wonderful example of an island paradise that was once quite pricey to visit. Airline deals and holiday search engines can help you find a lovely island getaway to fit most budgets–all you have to do is click!

Perhaps the best reason to spend this year's holiday on an island is simply the experience. Your usual holiday spot will always be special, but islands offer truly stunning sights and experiences that are unique to these formations. Only on the Canary Islands can you trek through volcanic landscapes, lay on black sand beaches and (safely) watch your meal be prepared over the heat of a volcano.

Islands continue to be popular destinations because of the value they offer. Remember these tips when booking your next holiday!

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