Top Destinations for Nature Holidays in Europe

The Bucket List for all Outdoors Enthusiasts

Mountains, lakes, caves, volcanoes, forests.... Europe has got so much to offer! Travel through this page to find the best European places to go on nature tourism. From Croatia to France, you will find all kind of places for all kind of budget but with one common denominator: surrealist sceneries.

If you are a nature lover, do not miss the area of the Plitvice Lakes Natural Park. An entire day is not enough to discover all the caves, waterfalls and lakes this preserved place has to offer.

  • This national park has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. However, the park had been endangered by the Croatian War of Independence (1991-1995).
  • The tallest waterfall in the park is simply called the Great Waterfall. You can take a path which will take you under the impressive 70-metre-cascade.
  • The park location is huge and rather far from the other large cities. You should find a letting for two nights if you want to take the most out of the park.

Situated on the southwestern coast of Norway, Stavanger is the third largest city of the country. It's most striking feature is the Pulpit Rock, an immense cliff with incredible view on the Stavanger Fjords.

  • Preikestolen is a steep cliff, rising at 604 metres above the Lysefjorden. On the accessible flat plateau you can enjoy the surreal views of the Fjord.
  • Due to its increasing popularity, the local authorities decided to carry out a project to improve the path leading to the plateau.
  • No fence or other safety are installed at the top of the cliffs, leaving the place in its original natural beauty.

County Clare is an inspiring region for nature travellers. The Cliffs of Moher are the highlight of the region, but the Irish region has got more to offer with numerous hiking paths, massive cliffs and mysterious caves.

  • The Cliffs of Moher welcome up to one million visitors every year, which make them Ireland's most visited natural attraction.
  • The Cliffs are 8km long and its highest point stands at 214m. Near this precise point proudly stands the O’Brien’s Tower, a great viewing point for visitors.
  • Do not miss the Doolin Cave in County Clare. This underworld will amaze you with unusual mineral specimens and the largest stalactite in the Northern Hemisphere.

Find out the incredible sights of the Dolomites in northeastern Italy. This mountain range numbers 18 peaks which rise above 3,000 metres! No wonder why the Dolomites are listed on the UNESCO Heritage list, its landscapes are simply jaw-dropping.

  • Visit the mountain range to admire the spectacular rocky landscapes. The Dolomites are perfect for climbing and mountain biking, but also for nature treks.
  • The area gets crowded during summer, which is the high season. You may want to visit them late spring or early autumn as the mountains are less crowded.
  • If you still decide to come between mid-June and the first half of July you could find some rare and beautiful Alpine flowers blossoming.

Kefalonia, a Greek Island, holds some secrets to be discovered. Mountains, cliffs, undergrounds rivers, caves, and sandy beaches are visited by curious locals and visitors every year. Check our top 3 nature lover attractions in Kefalonia below.

  • Visit the cave lake of Melissani. It has the particularity that its roof collasped, offering the sun a chance to daily illuminate the water in the cave.
  • Discover the Drogarati Cave, a place where the earth has shaped stalactites and stagmites for thousands of years embellished by sunlight reflections.
  • Finish your day by relaxing at Antisamos Beach with its breathtaking views, turquoise waters, green hills and a clear water full of fishes.

Corsica is a very unique place in France. Corsicans have their own tradition, culture and are very proud of their island. With a wide range of possibilities, from hiking to canyoning, Corsica hosts a perfect environment for nature holidays.

  • Corsica is home to the Scandola Nature Reserve, a Natural World Heritage Site. Do not miss this natural wonder only accessible by boat from Calvi or Porto.
  • For the hikers, follow the hiking trails from Piana. They will take you to some breathtaking views of the Calanques along the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Around Bavella you will find perfect places for canyoning where you could also dive, waterslide, do some tyrolean traverse or rappelling in magnificent sceneries.

The Highlands are a prised Scottish marvel with its proud moutains, its enigmatic castles, its mystical lakes and the restless ocean. They are a great place for a refreshing nature travel or an alternative to green resorts.

  • Pay a visit to Nessie to its home, the Loch Ness. The lake is a 37km long lake which contains more fresh water than all the lakes in England and Wales combined.
  • A short walk from the Loch Ness could also take you to the Falls of Foyers, an impressive fall with a total height of 62 metres.
  • Glen Coe is a nice area for hikers. This glen of volcanic origins is often considered one of the most spectacular and beautiful places in Scotland.

Lugano Lake is a glacial lake surrounded by mountains. It is located on the border between Switzerland and Italy. Perfect for outdoor activities, you will be charmed by the area and its beautiful and relaxing nature.

  • Rent a boat or have a walk around the lake to take the most out of the soothing blue waters of the lake and enjoy its quietness.
  • Hike or take the funicular to the Monte San Salvator (912m above sea level) to have unequalled views on the Lugano lake, also called Lake Ceresio.
  • For a peaceful break head to the Parco Civico, a large park with magnificent gardens located on the lake side where lovers like to stroll and relax.

The Verdon Gorge are a unique place in Europe and the highest gorges on the continent. Its spectacular and wild landscapes impress all nature fan.

  • On the Sainte Croix lake you can swim, windsurf or enjoy a boat ride in an astonnishing setting where you may succumb to the charm of the surrounding villages.
  • Often described as the most beautiful gorges in Europe, it is possible to discover the Gorges du Verdon on foot thanks to two hiking trails.
  • If you want to see them from a closer perspective why not going for canyoning or kayaking. The thrill-seekers could even opt for some bungee-jumping!

The Durmitor National Park should be on all nature travel checklist. This stunning park was formed by glaciers and is traversed by rivers and underground streams. Durmitor is the name of the massif imposingly overlooking the park.

  • Durmitor is a massif consisting of 48 peaks and featuring 18 glacial lakes. The lakes are one of the most popular attractions of Durmitor mountain.
  • During winter visitors go to the park to do some skiing and snowboarding. In summer, the activities shift to hiking, cycling, fishing and/or swimming.
  • Enjoy a time at the Tara River Canyon. This 82-kilometre-long river canyon is the deepest one in Europe (1,300 metre at its deepest)!

Tolmin is the largest town of the Soča Valley and is famous for its spectacular gorges. Enjoy a trip in Tolmin to discover the country's unique National park, which hosts mountains, gorges and beautiful nature.

  • The Park includes gorges, rivers and forests. It extends along the Italian border and near the Austrian one, covers a 880 square kilometre area.
  • Discover the breathtaking Tolmin gorges, which is the most popular attraction. Walk on the high up sidepaths to contemplate the perfectly crystalline water.
  • Devil's Bridge is a path which was built in 1907. Under it, a cave hosts a thermal spring with an average temperature of 20°.

Discover these archipelago Islands between Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. Small but wild, these Islands are perfect for any outdoor enthusiast and will give you the opportunity to hike near the striking waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

  • The Faroe Islands consist of 18 volcanic islands, connected by road tunnels, ferries and bridges.
  • If you are a bird lover, you have 110 reasons to head to these Islands for your next holidays as you could observe 110 different bird species.
  • Take a walk in this hiker's paradise and feel it yourself: this savage and untouched nature is mesmerising.