Romantic Getaway

Top European Destinations To Reignite Your Passion

Charming alleyways, postcard sunsets and unforgettable romantic breaks await! Sweep your significant other off their feet with a spontaneous romantic getaway, or a well-planned honeymoon holiday in one of these top European destinations. From Seville to Paris, love is in the air!

Enjoy Paris' little cafés and monuments like the Louvre or the Arc de Triomphe on the scenic Champs Elysées avenue. With marvellous architecture and cuisine, you will dive into the Parisian lifestyle during your stay in the city of lights!

  • The iconic Eiffel Tower was built in 1889 by Gustave Eiffel for the 1889 World's Fair. The sublime views at the top inspire lovers from all around the world.
  • The dreamy street Rue Crémieux in the 12th arrondissement looks like Portobello Road in London. Pink, blue, green, yellow, each house has a signature colour!
  • Only measuring 5.75m long, the 2nd arrondissement street Rue des Degrés, is the shortest street in Paris. Climb up the stairs and continue your walk around the city.

Unique and stunning, Venice will make you feel like the stars of a romantic movie. Enjoy a ride in a gondola, and stop at St. Mark's Square to stroll through the winding passages of the Serenissima. You might even fall in love with Venice itself

  • With 416 bridges in the city, Rialto bridge is the oldest in Venice. Small shops can be found on the bridge a good occasion for bringing back a souvenir!
  • Couples riding in a gondola, should kiss under each bridge so they will stay in love forever. Cliché maybe but so romantic, don't miss your chance to get on board.
  • Enjoy arguably the most famous carnival in the world. Attracting millions of tourists each year, you will feel like going back in time in the most colourful way.

No wonder Shakespeare set Romeo and Juliet's famed love story in this city. Lovely streets, unique art galleries and cozy cafes will enhance your appetite for romance. Discover the mesmerizing home of an iconic love story with your special someone

  • Cross the Ponte Pietra bridge, a vestige of the roman past and the oldest bridge of Verona. Directly leading to the Roman Theatre, still used for theater shows.
  • Verona Arena is one of the most stunning amphitheaters and used to host a staggering 30,000 seats. Pieces of pottery and mosaic can be observed in the museum.
  • Originally a Roman Forum, you can enjoy Piazza delle Erbe's stunning architecture, street food, buzzing cafés and a variety of restaurants with local cuisine.

Krakow is the former capital city of Poland but remains the country's most renowned symbol. Couples visiting Krakow instantly fall for its beautiful castle, mysterious vibe and singular artsy scene mixed with modern lifestyle.

  • Visit the sumptuous Wawel Castle. In addition to its remarkable 16th century architecture, the castle displays an impressive collection of artworks.
  • Kazimierz (Jewish District) is well known for its delicious food, party venues and moving history. If you are there in summer, don't miss the Jewish Music Festival!
  • Planty Park surrounds the old city where the Medieval walls used to stand, and is the largest park in Krakow. We recommend a romantic evening stroll.

Amsterdam is perfect for a romantic week-end away. Its historical and cute city-centre will charm any lover thanks to its thousands of small boutiques and cozy houses. Take your significant other on a cruise to see the sights from the waterways!

  • Enjoy a late afternoon picnic in Westerpark. This peaceful, romantic and beautiful park is the perfect place for a moment of relaxation with your loved one.
  • Go to Prinsengracht canal at night and try cozy places like Papeneiland café established in 1641 or the Posthorn Church, one of the hidden Churches in Amsterdam.
  • Oude Hoogstraat 22, is the narrowest house of Amsterdam (2.02m). At a two minute walk distance and you will find the widest house, Het Trippenhuis built in 1662.

Enjoy the enchanting gardens of Schloss Mirabell, built by Prince-Archbishop Wolf Dietrich in 1606. Stroll along the chic boutiques of Getreidegasse, the same street where Mozart was born in 1756, and don't miss Café Fürst for some Mozartkugeln.

  • The Old Town has a very special atmosphere with its hidden courtyards, squares and fountains. This UNESCO World Heritage site is a place you cannot miss!
  • Enjoy some cake and coffee at Tomaselli on Alter Markt. Open since 1705, this café is said to be the oldest one in Austria and where Mozart was a regular.
  • Visit Festung Hohensalzburg. This medieval fortress is one of the biggest fortresses in Europe. Exceptionally well-preserved, it firmly overlooks the city.

Discover the many courtyards and cathedrals in the city centre. The Stadtpark (city park) is a great spot for romantic strolls and hosts small festivals during warmer seasons. Schönbrunnen, also known as Princess Sissi's Palace, is also a must-see.

  • Very much inspired by Rome monuments, the church Karlskirche, is a stunning baroque architecture example with its blue green domes and vibrant square in front.
  • For some delicious Sachertorte, stop by Hotel Sacher in Philharmonikerstraße (street). The famous chocolate cake was first created here by Franz Sacher in 1832.
  • Street food fanatics should not skip Naschmarkt. Vienna's most favourite market is known for good falafel, fresh seafood, vegetables. Open every day but Sunday.

A vivid culture, strong identity, great sense of humour: that's Prague. Relax, enjoy the view of the Vltava river, drink local beer and eat traditional fried cheese. Visit Franz Kafka's museum and thousands of other magical places in the city!

  • All around Prague, you will find sculptures made by David Černý. Intriguing for some, irreverent for others, his work will mainly give you both a good laugh.
  • Located in the Castle District, Hradčany is the highlight of Prague. This stunning building is also said to be the largest castle complex of the world.
  • Take a lock and hang it on one of the bridges of Kampa Island in the city centre. Then have a picnic on the island, which is the most romantic part of the city.

The southern region of Portugal is known for its seaside atmosphere, its turquoise sea and dreamy climate. You'll love walking through Algarve's narrow streets, savour fresh seafood and the picturesque views of the Moorish-inspired chimneys.

  • Algarve is known for its coastline that stretches over 150km of beaches and cliffs. You can also find some romantic bays or hidden creeks accessible by boat only.
  • With 40 golf courses, Algarve is the number one region for golfing in Portugal. The city has some of the top courses in Europe wandered by famous golf players.
  • Algarve's ornamental chimneys are the most iconic symbol of the region, revealing the Arab or Moorish style influence from the South of Portugal.

Often underrated, Ljubljana is a picturesque city and one of the greenest European capital cities. Give the city a chance and discover this peaceful place embellished with its cobbled streets, riverside cafés and scenic architecture.

  • Built on a hill in the 15th century, Ljubljana Castle offers a great view over the city. You don't have to pay anything and can enjoy a drink in the courtyard.
  • Decorated with dragon sculptures, the Dragon Bridge is the symbol of Ljubljana. Vienna Secession's heritage, it's one of the first reinforced bridges of Europe.
  • Enjoy a romantic walk in one of the well-kept parks. Thanks of its many green spaces and 2,000 newly planted trees, Ljubljana was dubbed the Green City of 2016!

Dating back to the 15th century, its romantic bridges, charming canals and castles will fill up your day when strolling around this beautiful and old city. As the evening sets in, enjoy one of the many cozy bars in and around the city centre.

  • The many canals, also called Reien, are worth a boatride. The Groenerei is said to be the most romantic and can be seen from the Horse Bridge.
  • Bruges has most of its Medieval architecture intact. De Markt is the most famous square and is home to the Belfry, the iconic medieval belltower of Bruges city.
  • Belgium is known for its chocolate and Bruges is no exception. Locals go to Spegelaere, an old fashioned chocolatier founded in 1954, near the city centre.

Barcelona is the ideal mix between culture and fun. By day, visit museums, monuments or walk around the city. By night, dive into Barcelona’s wild nightlife! Looking for more tranquility? You can always head to a park or beach and relax.

  • It is said that the Sagrada Familia will take longer to complete than the Egyptian Pyramids. In the meantime, you can still admire the work already achieved!
  • Barcelona is the 2nd largest city in Spain after Madrid. A hotbed for tourism, its also a major economic and cultural influence, making it a major global city.
  • Check out the 10 must-see Gaudí buildings in Barcelona. Discover his Art Deco style, another great way to walk around to explore the city by day or night.

Seville is home to impressive architectural works of the ancient Muslim Empires. This heritage is resulting in a unique blend of style influences that will transport you into a dream of warm sunlight, passionate dances, and delicious flavours.

  • At Plaza de Espagna, built in 1929, you will be stunned by its Renaissance/neo-Moorish architecture, and the atmosphere emerging at sunset. Simply breathtaking!
  • Seville is hot! With summer temperatures between 35°C to 40°C, you better look for some shades in María Luisa Park or in the Alcázar gardens.
  • Birthplace of the world famous Flamenco, you can't leave without seeing a show. Try la Casa de Flamenco.

No wonder why this city was chosen to film the epic Game of Thrones and Star Wars sagas. Discover one of the world's most beautiful destinations with rocky coastlines, intricate architecture and Mediterranean lifestyle and culture.

  • Discover the city walls that are considered the greatest fortification system of the Middle Ages. Now part of UNESCO heritage, they can still be admired today.
  • Have a drink at a cliff bar! There are few places where you can relax at the end of your day. You can also swim off the city walls, just spot the pool ladders.
  • Only few kilometres away from Dubrovnik, Trsteno Arboretum is an inspiring botanical garden and the oldest arboretum. The perfect spot for a romantic stroll.

Imerovigli is said to have the most beautiful sunset views in Santorini. The island is not known for its beaches but for its unique sand and splendid views. You can drive around by car and discover all of the nooks and crannies of the island.

  • Visit Red Beach situated in the south side of the island, near Akrotiri. The sand is redish but more impressive are the red lava cliffs surrounding the beach.
  • In Kamari, a cosmopolitan beach resort, you will find an outdoor cinema, located in a small courtyard of trees and lights. Perfect for a romantic night out.
  • Feeling adventurous? Go cliff jumping at Amoudi Bay in the crystal clear Mediterranean waters. Then indulge yourself with a sunbathing break and famous seafood.

The capital of Sweden is great to visit all year round, as you can both swim and ice-skate in the centre. The city combines a modern lifestyle with historic architecture and offers everything from worldclass shopping to medieval cellar restaurants.

  • The city is best experienced by boat. Take in the picturesque sights of small islands while indulging in a traditional "Toast Skagen", fresh shrimp on toast.
  • The beautiful central island of Djurgården is home to the hugely popular open-air museum Skansen, where you can experience life in different parts of Sweden.
  • Visit Södermalm, a district dotted with vintage shops, cozy cafes and trendy restaurants - perfect for a day out with your loved one!

This is the bicycle capital of the world, so why not take a romantic ride on two wheels through the old Latin Quarter. At night visit one of the many restaurants serving New Nordic Cuisine for an intimate dinner.

  • Visit Tivoli Gardens, the old amusement park from 1843. A stroll through the park at night will leave you mesmerised by the enchanting lights and romantic atmosphere.
  • In Nyhavn you can experience some of the city’s oldest taverns and restaurants, and the colourful facades of the over 300 year old houses will charm you.
  • Venture a little outside of the city and visit Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Situated by the water, the museum and sculpture park are perfect for romantic day trips.