Singles Holidays

Being Single Is No Obstacle to Enjoying a Fantastic Holiday

Singles Holidays

Singles holidays are some of the most exciting, allowing you to discover the world's most intriguing places with complete autonomy. Along with the world's most remarkable sights, there are plenty of social spots along the way on these holidays.

Solo holidays to celebrate

The Dominican Republic is the second largest Caribbean country and is known for the warmth of its people along with the soaring temperatures. Lapped by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, you will find nearly a thousand miles of coastline and more than four hundred kilometres of glittering beaches on this heavenly island. From ancient ruins to dazzling mountains and national parks, there is so much to see on singles holidays. You will find the most upbeat bars and beaches in Puerto Plata, which is also conveniently home to several rum distilleries.

Wild jungles and Sarawak longhouses, colonial architecture and otherworldly floating islands. Malaysia is a dream destination for singles holidays. Once you've landed in Kuala Lumpur and gotten settled, head to the remarkable Batu Caves. One of Indonesia's greatest treasures, the caves are just 13 kilometres from the city. Temple Cave has been a shrine since 1890 and houses a fifty metre tall gold statue of Lord Murugan atop its 272 steps, where macaque monkeys play. For beach parties, come to Langkawi, a tropical haven comprised of 99 islands where rural Malaysia rubs shoulders with seafood restaurants and bars.

New Zealand's sights are so spectacular that they are used in movies to create fantasy worlds. Spacious, emerald green and serene, New Zealand is perfect for motorbike tours, while its world famous wineries are yours for the sampling. Craft beer, sublime surfing and Maori culture are also on the menu. Kiwi life is all about outdoor action and there is no better way to forge new friendships than with an adventure in the Waitomo Caves, or canoeing on the Whanganui River.