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Yoga Holidays : Top Destinations

Plan Yoga Holidays to Embrace Wellness and Meditation

​​​​Yoga has a long history dating back 5,000 years to its origins in northern India. This sacred practice involves far more than exercise and building up suppleness and body strength. If you're wondering about the best destinations for yoga holidays, then take time to plan a trip offering supreme wellness opportunities and places for meditation, where you can develop and grow levels of understanding, in addition to mere physical fitness.

The Best Destinations for a Yoga Holiday

You don't need to leave the UK for your relaxing yoga holidays, but heading to Southeast Asia will definitely help you appreciate all the subtle yoga nuances you may be missing. What's more, booking into high quality accommodation with lots of available activities means your entire family can enjoy the holiday of a lifetime, while you experience the yoga retreat package that meets all your learning, meditation and exercise needs. The best yoga holidays are held in peaceful retreat locations, offering classes and workshops led by expert yoga practitioners. Additional wellness or spa therapies provide more relaxation and can lead to even deeper levels of understanding.

  • Langkawi, Malaysia

    This tropical island idyll is the perfect destination for yoga holidays. Whether meditating on some of the world's finest beaches or deep in the heart of the rainforest, utter peace and relaxation are easy to achieve. The sounds of the chattering monkey populations and local birds may be the only noise punctuating the silence, and this beautiful UNESCO Geopark archipelago of islands will captivate you throughout your visit. A variety of expert teachers in the locality can guide you through additional yoga practice, no matter what your level of skill.

  • Spain

    With its year-round sunny, warm climate it's not difficult to appreciate the reasons Spain has been one of the top-rated yoga holiday destinations for so many years. Whether you're relaxing in the crisp airs of mountainous Andalucia or meditating in a pine forest on the isle of Mallorca, your yoga retreat in Spain will be hard to beat. Other top yoga retreat destinations include Ibiza, Barcelona, and the Canary Islands. Yoga has been a popular Spanish pastime for around 70 years now, and is one of the unmissable and regular destinations for some of the most highly rated yogis in the world.

  • United Kingdom

    You may be surprised to learn you actually don't need to go that far from home to find great yoga retreats. The UK is getting more popular with top yoga teachers, although August tends to be the main month for retreats. The air quality and variety of unique landscapes mean destinations like Cornwall, Scotland, Wales, and the Lake District are all hosting yoga retreats with some of the most renowned teachers in the world.

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