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Discover a letting that fits your expectations among the 84 welcoming options from different partner websites in Invergarry. By comparing these different offers, HomeToGo highlights the most economical offers and the highest rated rentals in Invergarry.

Popular holiday rental amenities in Invergarry

  • Kitchen (42)
  • No smoking (41)
  • Internet (41)
  • TV (40)
  • Parking (34)
  • Pet allowed (33)
  • Garden (33)
  • Washer (29)
  • Fishing (17)
  • Microwave (17)
  • Fireplace (15)
  • Dishwasher (15)
Many holidaymakers would like to find a holiday rental with a pool. A few of the accommodation options in Invergarry have one. Additionally, more resorts have pools than any other property type. They are a great choice if you go in a group of 7, as that is the number of people they can welcome on average. You can also choose accommodation providing a pool near the water, which is the case for a few of the lettings on offer there. Holidaymakers who are specifically searching for a pet-friendly rental will find Invergarry suitable, as many rentals are pet-friendly. Pet-friendly lettings in Invergarry cost, on average, £0 a night. A few of the pet-friendly holiday rentals are situated less than 2 kilometres away from the city centre.

Accommodation options in Invergarry

One-third of the properties (38.14%) in Invergarry are house rentals. They are the most common holiday properties on offer there. House rentals here have an average cost of £127 a night and an average size of 40 m². Furthermore, these rentals are usually optimal if you're going in a group of 4, as that is the average number of guests that house rentals are able to host in Invergarry. You can also look at other accommodation options in Invergarry. Hotel rooms are another popular property type in Invergarry, with 16 offers to compare. The average size of hotel rooms in Invergarry is 15 m², and the average price is £113 a night.

Invergarry – Holiday cottages in the Scottish Highlands

Its romantic stone cottages with their lovely country gardens are a perfect getaway for those that look for peace and calm during their holidays. Many attractions, like the amazing lock staircase at Fort Augustus, are just a short drive away.

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Food & Drink

Scottish cuisine – Between mountains and the ocean

Savouring local dishes is one of the delights of every holiday. Try “Cullen skink”, a thick potato soup flavoured with smoked haddock or roasted grouse served with Neeps (swede turnip) and tatties (potatoes). Smoking fish has a long tradition in Scotland, kippers are therefore an integral part of any true Scottish breakfast.

Local Attractions

A visit to Nessie

From your Invergarry accommodation, attractions like Loch Ness are only a short drive away. Rent a boat, see if you can spot the legendary monster and don't forget to visit its interactive Nessie Museum.

Even closer to your holiday home are the ruins of Invergarry Castle overlooking Loch Oich. Hikers will enjoy the many well marked trails, for example, to neighbouring Loch Garry.

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