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Rent a holiday home, apartment or cottage in Lajes do Pico from just £32 per night

House ∙ 8 guests ∙ 4 bedrooms
Lajes Do Pico, Pico Island, Portugal
from £170
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Chambre d'Hôtes ∙ 3 guests
Lajes Do Pico, Pico Island, Portugal
from £40
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House ∙ 2 guests ∙ 1 bedroom
Lajes Do Pico, Pico Island, Portugal
from £53
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Popular holiday rental amenities in Lajes do Pico

  • Kitchen (29)
  • TV (28)
  • Internet (25)
  • Washer (22)
  • No smoking (17)
  • Microwave (15)
  • Parking (15)
  • Balcony/Patio (13)
  • Garden (12)
  • BBQ (12)
  • Fishing (11)
  • Dishwasher (10)
A few of the rentals provide a pool, which makes Lajes Do Pico an excellent holiday destination for people looking to spend their holidays poolside. Bed & Breakfast rentals with pools in Lajes Do Pico are a fantastic option for groups of 2 and usually cost around £97 a night. If you would also like to be near the water, all of the accommodation options including a pool are situated within 2 kilometres of the waterfront. In Lajes Do Pico, there are plenty of choices in case you want to book a property that welcomes pets. Pet-friendly properties in Lajes Do Pico cost, on average, £93 per night. You can also find suitable city properties, as a few of the pet-friendly holiday lettings are centrally located (less than 2 kilometres from the city centre).

Accommodation options in Lajes do Pico

In Lajes Do Pico, house rentals are the most common holiday accommodation type. The standard size of house rentals in Lajes Do Pico is 123 m², with an average price of £107 a night. Moreover, these holiday properties are great for medium-sized groups and families, since most can accommodate 5 guests. You could also compare other types of accommodation in Lajes Do Pico. Apartment rentals are another common accommodation option in Lajes Do Pico, with 5 currently listed. Our analysis reveals that the average price of apartment rentals is £103 per night for an area of 122 m².

Pico holiday lettings bring you the best of wines and whales

Volcano-filled landscapes and rare wines await you in Portugal's Pico, one of the nine islands comprising the Azores archipelago. Typical accommodations include stone cottages and villas with pools.

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Food & Drink

Vineyards and fertile fields

The wine growing cellars of the island are part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The fulsome, richly flavoured wines of the region are also famed worldwide, and served with the Queiijo do Pico, a fabulous local cheese.

At Ancradouro restaurant near Madelena, you can watch exquisite sunsets over the ocean as you dine al fresco on fresh fish and seafood, amidst a comfortable and lively atmosphere.

During the summer months, the warmth brings forth melons, pineapples, and tomatoes. Dig into delectable fresh fruits and vegetables grown on the fertile lava fields.

Art & Culture

Museums of wine and whaling

Explore streets arising from the island's distinctive black lava stone and wend your way to the Museu do Vinho. Here, you can learn more about viticulture and oenology on the island.

To get the full picture of the island's industrial heritage, continue from the museum of wine to the whale museum in Sao Roque do Pico, Museu dos Baleeiros.

Local Attractions

Ponta de Pico and snorkelling with dolphins

Snorkel with dolphins off the Azores. Guided tours take you to the spots where the dolphins swim every day. The expert guides explain the behaviour of these fascinating native creatures.

Whale watching is another popular Azores activity. The mountain's observation towers allow you to look out for miles till you catch a glimpse of the surfacing whales, sometimes together with their calves.

To finish, take in the views from the summit of the volcano Ponta do Pico. Its coastal location offers a panoramic vista of the Azores. It is Portugal's highest mountain. Lava fields in the western part of the island are an otherworldly terrain that make for perfect snapshots.

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