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Holiday park ∙ 4 guests ∙ 2 bedrooms
Lanark, South Lanarkshire, United Kingdom
from £95
TUI Ferienhaus
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House ∙ 17 guests ∙ 8 bedrooms
Cleghorn, South Lanarkshire, United Kingdom
from £328
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Apartment ∙ 2 guests ∙ 1 bedroom
Lanark, South Lanarkshire, United Kingdom
from £80
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Popular holiday rental amenities in Lanark

  • Parking (23)
  • Internet (23)
  • TV (22)
  • No smoking (19)
  • Kitchen (16)
  • Garden (13)
  • Washer (12)
  • Pets allowed (10)
  • Microwave (9)
  • Dishwasher (8)
  • Pool (8)
  • Sauna (7)
Lanark is a fantastic holiday spot if you want a rental with a pool. One-third of the holiday rentals there include one. Interestingly, our data shows that more apartment rentals have pools than resorts. Additionally, they can welcome 5 people, on average, while resorts with pools can welcome an average of 3 guests. A few of Lanark's accommodation options with pools are located within 2 kilometres of water, so you can choose between some pool time or waterfront moments. If you travel with your pet, you should easily be able to compare and find a pet-friendly property in Lanark. Most pet-friendly properties in Lanark are apartment rentals. Moreover, they cost, on average, £144. per night. You will also find various accommodation options if you would prefer to rent near the city centre, as a few of the pet-friendly rentals are less than 2 kilometres away from the centre of the city.

The weather in Lanark


- Rainy days

Above are the weather conditions for Lanark. The highest average temperatures are in the month of July. No heat wave is expected in February, where minimum average temperatures usally hit a 1° low. The rainiest month is July while the driest month is September.

Accommodations in Lanark

One-third of the properties (34.62%) in Lanark are house rentals. They are the most prevalent holiday properties on offer there. In addition, these properties have an average size of 456 m² as well as cost, on average, £134 a night. Moreover, this specific type of lodging is usually the perfect choice for medium-sized groups and families, as the majority of house rentals are able to welcome groups of 4. If you'd also like to search and compare other accommodation options in Lanark. Bed & Breakfast rentals are, for example, another typical property type in Lanark with 11 currently listed. The average size of bed & breakfast rentals in Lanark is 16 m², and the average price is £85 a night.

Discover World Heritage with Lanark holiday cottages

Find out why New Lanark is a World Heritage Site when you stay in a holiday home in this atmospheric part of the world. The 18th century village is set into dramatic Scottish landscapes. It is the dream of Robert Owen, and its cotton mill buildings and school retain an aura of magic today.

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Art & Culture

UNESCO World Heritage

You can still see New Lanark's original 1785 water wheels and cotton mills, making New Lanark one of the largest industrial era assemblages in the world. Note the value that the founders placed on moral, social and environmental values. The development has had an enduring impact on social history in the intervening 200 years.

Lanark itself has been a market town since medieval times. Way back in 1140, King David I granted it certain trade privileges that put it on the map, making it a centre of Norman civilization. You can still see the town gates of Lanark, and the remains of a Motte and Bailey castle at Castlegate. Spot local artefacts at the Lanark Museum.

Local Attractions

Races and reserves

Wander through town to Provost's Lamp at the bottom of the high street. The decorative gas lamp was positioned outside the home of the individual holding office at the time.

Take a trip to Lanark Racecourse, which now offers pony trekking. The racecourse has also been used as an aviation base during its 100 year history because of its flat terrain. Next, hike the Scottish Wildlife Trust's Corehouse Nature Reserve and the thunderous Falls of Clyde.

Local Events

Experience Lanark's traditional day

Floats glide through Lanark's streets attended by pipe bands on Lanark Lanimer Day in June. Primary school children select a Lanimer Queen, and a Lord Cornet chosen from local businessmen.

Watch as local riders participate in the historic Riding of the Marches. Prizes are awarded for the best floats, and the party continues late into the night throughout town.

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