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Popular holiday rental amenities in Lichfield

  • Internet (46)
  • No smoking (45)
  • Parking (39)
  • TV (34)
  • Garden (32)
  • Washer (21)
  • Kitchen (20)
  • Wheelchair access (15)
  • Balcony/Patio (13)
  • Pets allowed (12)
  • Microwave (9)
  • No pets (9)
Finding a holiday rental that includes a pool should be easy in Lichfield District. A few of the short stay accommodation options have one on offer. Farmhouse rentals with pools in Lichfield District are a wonderful choice for groups of 3 and usually cost around £96 a night. You can also find and book an accommodation with a pool near the water, which is the case for a few of the rentals on offer there. A lot of the holiday rentals in Lichfield District are pet-friendly, which makes it a convenient holiday spot for pet owners. Pet-friendly lettings in Lichfield District have an average price of £108 per night. There's no need to look exclusively outside the city for a rental, as a few of the pet-friendly holiday rentals are centrally located (less than 2 kilometres from the city centre).

The weather in Lichfield


- Rainy days

You can see our climate diagram above. This year, July will have higher average temperatures. On the other hand, you could have temperatures dropping under 2° in January. The rainiest month is July while the driest month is September.

One-third of the accommodation options (37.14%) in Lichfield District are hotel rooms. They are the most prevalent properties there. Additionally, the average price of this type of property in particular is £88 per night, with an average area of 23 m². Moreover, these properties are perfect for couples and small groups, as that's the average number of holidaymakers that hotel rooms can welcome in Lichfield District. If you would prefer to compare another holiday property type, you may want to consider house rentals, which are the other most common type of accommodation in Lichfield District. Our analysis reveals that the standard cost of house rentals is £119 a night for an area of 15 m².

Lichfield - a lively cathedral city with charming holiday lettings

Choose from enchanting farmhouses, elegant apartments and rustic cottages, for your dream accommodation in Lichfield.

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Art & Culture

Proud heritage

Known as the 'city of philosophers' owing to the lively intellectual activity here in the 18th century, Lichfield boasts over 230 historic buildings. The local cathedral is most prominent among these and is Europe's only medieval cathedral with three spires.

The lives and work of Samuel Johnson and Erasmus Darwin are celebrated at the Samuel Johnson Birthplace Museum and Erasmus Darwin House respectively. At Lichfield Museum, meanwhile, you can traverse two-thousand years of local history.

Local Events


The Lichfield Greenhill Bower features a fun re-creation of a court, marching bands, carnival floats and a jamboree at Beacon Park. July's Lichfield Festival meanwhile is a melting pot of music, dance, theatre, film and poetry.

Summer fun continues with events like the Lichfield Folk, Lichfield Real Ale, and the Jazz and Blues festivals. Lichfield Heritage Weekend is a must for culture buffs, with free tours of local landmarks and events related to Samuel Johnson.

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