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Montreux Jazz Festival

already occurred

The festival started in 1967 with 3 days and reached its record of 23 days in 1977!

The ticket prices vary depending on the respective hall, e.g. There is the Stravinsky Hall with the most famous acts (about £68 - £238), the Montre Jazz Lab (about £40 - £62) or the Montre Jazz Club (about £71 - £162).

30 Jun - 14 Jul 2017
Nostalgics, Indies, Internationals


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What music can I expect?
• A mix of jazz, blues, pop and rock

How do I get there?
• Travelling by car is possible, but parking is limited
• Arriving by train from the Montreux station is particularly convenient
• Special evening and night trains run after the concerts

Can I attend for just one day?
• Yes, a day ticket costs between £40 - £238 (approximately)

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