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While Parklife used to be a dance music festival, it now offers music from various genres. Be sure to plan your accommodation beforehand - camping is not permitted at Parklife!
10-11 Jun 2017
World / Mixed
Ravers, Hipsters, Indies


Dazzle Factor

Number of Acts

Ticket Availability


What music can I expect?
•A mix of electronic, pop, dance, indie, hip hop and alternative

How do I get there?
• Parklife Travel Pass provides access to the festival shuttle and Metrolink services from Manchester city centre. Be sure to exchange your travel pass ticket for wristband before boarding the shuttle or Metrolink
• The Big Green Coach will bring visitors from across the UK to the festival and back
• Accessible by public transport, bicycle, taxi and car (but limited car parking)

Can I attend for just one day?
• Yes, a day ticket costs about £60

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