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Secret Garden Party

already occurred
The organisers support various charity projects each year with the help of over 5,000 sponsors.
20-23 Jul 2017
EDM / Dance
Ravers, Hippies, Families


Dazzle Factor

Number of Acts

Ticket Availability


What music can I expect?
• A mix of electronic, dance, house, alternative and reggae

How do I get there?
• Shuttle service brings visitors during the day from the train station to the festival site
• Buses from nearly everywhere in the surrounding area take visitors to the festival for about £40
• 1-hour train ride from London to Huntingdon

Can I attend for just one day?
• No, unfortunately, one-day tickets are not available

This is not immediately sold-out: In terms of ticket availability, the Secret Garden Party Festival is our #1!

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