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Albert Dock – The Jewel in Liverpool's Waterfront

The city of Liverpool grew up around its dockyards; where ships set sail across the Atlantic carrying people, brandy and tea, and returned from the New World loaded with sugar, cotton and tobacco. These days are long gone, and now the old warehouses by the water's edge have been renovated to provide a unique leisure space.

Useful information for your visit to Albert Dock base64Hash Useful information for your visit to Albert Dock

Useful information for your visit to Albert Dock

There's lots to experience in and around Albert Dock, and it's worth doing some research before your visit. Museums such as the Liverpool Maritime Museum and Tate Modern may have special exhibitions running, and these museums are so vast you could easily spend a day in either. Staff in Albert Dock hotels are often a great source of information for current events too.

  • Maritime and Slavery Museum

    This is one of the largest museums in the Dock complex, and it can get busy at peak times. Arrive early and head to the top of the building to see the slavery museum, before working your way back to ground level.

  • A choice of restaurants for lunch

    You won't need to leave Albert Dock for lunch as there are several options in the complex. Feast on fish and chips in the open air, or take a table inside to enjoy Italian, Mexican or French cuisine.

  • Wear comfortable shoes

    There's no traffic on the Dock itself, so you're going to do a bit of walking if you want to see it all. To see more of Liverpool's UNESCO listed waterfront, walk north from the dock along the water, past the Liver Building, Pier Head and Titanic Memorial.

Best things to do near Albert Dock base64Hash Best things to do near Albert Dock

Best things to do near Albert Dock

The beauty of a visit to Albert Dock is that it's close to the city centre and all the attractions Liverpool has to offer. This vibrant city really does cater for all tastes and visitor preferences, so it's worth exploring.

  • Mersey Ferries

    Thousands of commuters use the Mersey Ferries to cross the river each day, but the company also offers a River Explorer cruise with commentary. Enjoy a different perspective of the city from out on the water.

  • Tunnel Tours

    There are two tunnels under the Mersey between Liverpool and the Wirral, and one of the city's most unusual experiences is the Tunnel Tour. This gives visitors the chance to put on a hard hat, learn about how the tunnel was built and see how ventilation works. It's a perfect day out for anyone interested in engineering.

  • Magical Mystery Tour

    Music fans won't want to miss the opportunity to see the city from the Beatles' perspective; visit the band's childhood homes, see the famous Cavern club and discover locations such as the famous Strawberry Field childen's home.

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