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Louth, East Lindsey District, United Kingdom
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Popular holiday rental amenities in Louth

  • Kitchen (75)
  • TV (71)
  • No smoking (64)
  • Internet (63)
  • Parking (57)
  • Dishwasher (45)
  • Garden (38)
  • Washer (37)
  • Pool (36)
  • Microwave (35)
  • Pets allowed (33)
  • No pets (27)
Many travellers would like to find a properties that have a pool. One-third of the properties have one in Louth. Also, more House rentals have pools than any other property type. They are a great choice if you go in a group of 6, as that is the number of people they can usually accommodate. You can also compare and find an accommodation with a pool near the water, which is the case for a few of the properties there. If you want to bring your pet, you should easily be able to search and find a pet-friendly rental in Louth. Pet-friendly rentals in Louth cost, on average, £82 per night. There's no need to look exclusively outside the city for a rental, as a few of the pet-friendly properties are centrally located (less than 2 kilometres from the city centre).
In Louth, house rentals are the most prevalent accommodation option. Additionally, house rentals there have an average price of £104 per night as well as an average size of 76 m². Moreover, these holiday properties are great for medium-sized groups and families, as most can accommodate 5 people. Holidaymakers who prefer something else can also find many hotel rooms, which are the other most popular property type in Louth. The average size of hotel rooms in Louth is 14 m², and the average price is £100 per night.

Traditional holiday cottages in picturesque Louth, Lincolnshire

The typical houses in Louth are brick farming cottages, originally built for the farming community. All houses have a lovely cosy and homely feel.

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Food & Drinks

A must for foodies

Louth prides itself on having 70% of the shops owned by independent retailers and this is reflected in the quality of the produce you can buy. There is a range of butchers and greengrocers providing the freshest fruit and vegetables and a wide variety of different cuts of meat.

If you’d rather eat in with your family or friends, it’s lovely to shop traditionally rather than visiting a big, stressful supermarket. You can take some prize-winning beef back to your holiday accommodation and cook a delicious roast dinner.

Family Activities

Hubbard's Hills

Situated on the edge of Louth are Hubbard’s Hills, another AONB. This is a perfect place to take a picnic and is also dog-friendly. There are often seasonal events on the hills that are suitable for children, such as the teddy bear’s picnic.

The landscape of the hills changes throughout the seasons and the area is really popular with bird watchers. Just bring your binoculars and see what you can spot souring above the Wolds.

Local Attractions

Walking and rambling in Lincolnshire

If you're an experienced hiker or just fancy a stroll, Louth is built at the foot of the Lincolnshire Wolds and are perfect for a holiday. You can walk the main public footpaths or veer off the beaten track. It’s surprising how hilly it is. When you stay in a traditional farming holiday cottage, you get a real sense of the rich history of the area.

The Wolds are an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and has plenty of wildlife to spot. Walking along the edge of the network of chalk streams that run through the area, and you'll be surprised at how clear the water is. There are many rare and endangered plant species to spot too.

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