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Travel insights and analysis

Where is the cheapest destination to catch some winter sun? Where are the world's best cities for nightlife? Where are the most affordable travel destinations? On this page you will find data, graphics, and analyses that will help you answer these questions and more.

Llandanwg Beach in Gwynedd

With the summer season just a few months away, and the demand for coastal stays in the UK continuing to swell, HomeToGo has swept Great Britain's superlative shores to find the best beaches for holidays in 2022. From Sheringham to Marloes Sands, see which beaches made the leaderboard.

Tulips blooming in Spring

With the first signs of spring finally starting to show after a long and stormy winter, HomeToGo has dug into the data to help travellers find the UK's top spots in which to see beautiful early blooms - from bluebells and daffodils to tulips, rhododendrons and more.

The village of Pittenweem in Scotland

Ahead of Burns Night, HomeToGo journeyed across Scotland's mountains, meadows and coastline to pinpoint the country's top trending picturesque rural destinations. From the serene and secluded to the windswept and adventurous, from the Hebrides to the Borders: these Scottish beauty spots are making their mark on travel itineraries for the year ahead.

Starscape in Kerry, Ireland

Ahead of the winter solstice, HomeToGo has taken a telescopic look at the data to find the world's best destinations in which to see the stars - and with five of the top 15 spots in Wales, Ireland and England, starseekers need not travel lightyears away to see some out-of-this-world celestial displays.

Llangollen in Wales, UK

From the banks of the River Tay to the tip of the Cornish coast, HomeToGo has journeyed into the UK countryside to find the top trending chocolate-box villages and snug market towns for cosy autumn staycations.

Coton Manor in Northamptonshire, England

Summer is drawing to a close, but the nation’s staycation trend shows no sign of slowing down. To help travellers avoid a washout, HomeToGo has taken a deep dive into the data to uncover the areas in which holidaymakers can find the best weather and lower accommodation prices this autumn.

Holiday cottage in Devon, UK

Using search and inventory data, as well as information about summer temperatures, pubs, outdoor activities and photo-friendliness, HomeToGo has ranked the 24 most picturesque, well-appointed and, crucially, lesser-known destinations in National Parks and AONB across the UK.

Beach holidays in the UK

Following the reopening of domestic tourism in the UK on 12th April 2021, HomeToGo conducted a general population survey to see how the nation is planning, dreaming, and thinking about holidays for the year ahead.

A holiday home in the Dolomites, Italy

Daydream adventures to new, sunnier destinations kept travellers warm during the winter lockdown. From road trips to rural retreats, HomeToGo took a look at the top search and booking trends for holidays in summer 2021.


Where are the best spots for a socially-distanced summer holiday? To help holidaymakers plan their next break, HomeToGo has researched the top outdoor destinations in the UK by compiling weather, price, availability, and walking trail data. 


As travel planning starts to rebound, HomeToGo took a look at the top search and booking trends for trips planned in summer 2021.

HomeToGo has conducted a study to determine which of Europe's cities are the most forward-looking. From Munich to Madrid, these cities are the best representations of what our urban spaces will look and feel like in the coming decades.

From Northumberland to the New Forest, the United Kingdom boasts some incredible spots to head to this Autumn. There are rugged forests, windswept beaches, buzzing cities and fascinating historic towns to choose from - something for everyone. HomeToGo conducted a study to find out which of the UK’s varied holiday locations are the best for an Autumn getaway.

From windy cobblestoned streets - to spectacular grand cathedrals and castles, the UK has many historical sights to explore. HometoGo has researched the 25 most instagrammed historical towns in the UK, so that you know where to travel to capture that perfect picture for your feed!

Wales is one of the UK's top holiday destinations - but where are the most up-and-coming places to visit in Wales? HomeToGo has compared search data for summer 2019 with summer 2018 to discover the destinations with the biggest increase in searches. While these fantastic destinations may still be under the radar, you can be sure that they won’t stay a secret for long!

Where are the best Pride festivals in the world? 2019 is the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots - which set the Pride movement into action. To celebrate Pride this year, HomeToGo has produced a special guide to the 50 most exciting Pride festivals on the planet. From Brighton to Baltimore, from the colossal to the compact, the list includes a diverse range of Pride destinations worth visiting this summer!

European nightlife is some of the world's best, but where are Europe’s best clubbing destinations - and is it worth looking beyond well-known party capitals like Berlin and Amsterdam, to explore some of Europe’s emerging club scenes? HomeToGo has selected Europe’s 30 best cities for nightlife and researched the cost of a night out in each, to bring you the most and least affordable cities for a party weekend in Europe.

Where are the UK’s most eco-friendly holiday destinations? No need for a long-haul flight to enjoy a memorable holiday, when there are so many diverse and vibrant destinations to explore in Britain! To help you plan a holiday you’ll love without hurting the planet, HomeToGo has researched hundreds of locations across the country to discover the seven most eco-friendly city and countryside destinations in the UK. 

If you didn't Instagram it, were you even there? Instagram has become an inescapable part of the travel experience. But where are the most Instagrammed places in Europe? Find out the most popular destinations below!

Where are the best places to celebrate St. Patrick's Day? With around 6 million people in the UK claiming Irish heritage - and plenty more who are happy to celebrate Irish culture with a few pints - the 17th March is a time for wild parties all over the country. So where's the best place to paint the town green? To help you plan the perfect St. Patrick's Day weekend, HomeToGo researched the top St. Patrick’s day events all over the UK to find the best places to celebrate.

Need some summer holiday inspiration? HomeToGo has just released its top 10 trending destinations for British tourists this summer. Check out the top list to find the best destinations you might not have thought of visiting - and book your trip now, before everyone else does!

Where are the best places to whisk your loved one away for a spontaneous Valentine’s Day getaway? You don’t need to book a trip abroad to sweep them off their feet. What could be more special than curling up by the fire together in a cosy cottage in the beautiful British countryside? To help you plan the perfect last minute Valentine’s weekend away, HomeToGo researched 14 beautiful British destinations that will take your partner’s breath away, and created a score to determine the ultimate destination for a romantic getaway.

If you're dreaming of escaping the British winter for sunshine and lazy days on the beach - we have good news! A quick trip to paradise doesn’t have to break the bank. To help you find the best-value winter getaway, HomeToGo has produced a detailed price ranking of 40 popular winter sun destinations in Spain.

Europe has an abundance of stunning, tranquil islands that are perfect for a relaxing getaway. To help you decide which one you should visit, we've created a guide to the 30 most popular islands in Europe, with information about pricing for each.

HomeToGo has created a special guide to 50 up-and-coming destinations around the world in which to celebrate Pride this year. Our final shortlist contains this year's hottest, trendiest destinations! Check out this year's ultimate pride guide here.

HomeToGo travelled the globe to discover the world's weirdest and most wonderful wedding traditions! From the dirty to the downright unbelievable. From the dirty to the downright unbelievable, these seven illustrations bring to light the different ways that people celebrate love and marriage.