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Where are the world's best cities for nightlife? From Montréal to Melbourne, thousands of cities across the globe rave about their club scene as a way of attracting party visitors. Deciding on where to dance and trying to find best places to party is the top priority of new arrivals. Many people plan entire vacations around dancing the night away on some of the world's most sought after dance floors.

HomeToGo has produced a guide to the world's 50 best cities for nightlife in 2018. After considering hundreds of destinations around the world, we selected the final 50 based on the number of venues, the number of events listed, and the quality of these events based on online ratings. Below, you can discover the destinations that are the most and least affordable places to party. We've also added a venues per capita rank, to highlight cities where you're most likely to come across a nightlife venue! 

The World's 50 Best Cities for Nightlife

Some Key Takeaways from the Dancefloor

Where to Dance on a Budget

View of a mountain with the city of Cape Town below, lit up at night
View of Warsaw skyline with a blue sky backdrop
View of the Charles Bridge in Prague lit up at night

Where to Start Saving For

View of skyscrapers in New York City lit up at night-time
View of the entrance sign to Las Vegas under a blue sky
View of the Ibiza coastline lit up at night-time

Popular Party Destinations With Affordable Accommodations

Save money on your accommodation in these six leading destinations, and then you can really splurge when you hit the club!

London(1950+ venues)

Accommodation from £14

Big Ben in London under a dark blue sky

Berlin(1250+ venues)

Accommodation from £20

View of the blue skies over Berlin at night-time

Paris(750+ venues)

Accommodation from £23

View of the Arc De Triomphe under blue skies

Barcelona(950+ venues)

Accommodation from £27

The beach in Barcelona at night-time
View of the Beetham Tower in Manchester at night-time

Glasgow(100+ venues)

Accommodation from £17

View of the River Clyde and an industrial crane in Glasgow

How We Produced This Guide about the Price of Clubbing in 50 Cities

To decide on the top 50 club destinations worldwide, we used online mapping tools, events listings websites, and city guides to understand the number of venues in hundreds of cities around the world. We used the same sites to identify which cities have the most venues, and the most events listed. We used online user review websites to understand the quality of the venues. The shortlist compromises the cities with the most venues, the highest number of events listings, and the top-rated user reviews.

To rank the cities based on price, we contacted at least 5 venues in each city to find out their cover charge and drinks prices. Based on this data, we calculated a city average for each of the 50 destinations. We contacted the top-rated clubs in each city, using online user review websites to judge which were the best quality. For more information on the different price categories, please see the list below:

Cost of entry: Entrance fee on a Saturday night.

Price of a beer: 330ml, domestically produced beer.

Price of a long drink: One regular gin & tonic.

Price of a shot: 20 ml. vodka.

To produce the venues per capita ranking, we divided the total number of licensed venues in each city by the city's most recent population estimate. Population estimates are available online and are calculated by city councils based on census data. 

All prices in GBP. Exchange rates were calculated on Friday, April 13th, 2018. For additional information and interview requests, please contact [email protected].