HomeToGo researched the price of a cola in the most popular ski resorts in Europe. This soda was taken as a reference as it is a standardised product. In other words, a cola is the same wherever you go but its price is not. This infographic gives a funny overview of the price difference in these ski resorts. We think it may also give more general trends about the prices in these resorts. So… let’s compare!

Infographic Cola Price

France appears to be the most expensive destination for skiers who love drinking cola! For example, 1.5 million skiers visit Tignes annually (SIA report). If each of them would only buy one glass of soda, this would represent a sum of over 9 million euros. Just for a glass of cola!

Surprisingly, the French destinations are even more expensive than Switzerland, where the cost of life is globally higher. Would this imply that skiing holidays would be more expensive in France? We let you judge by your experience on the slopes!

Our selection comprises some of the most visited ski resorts and also popular but less visited resorts that are interesting for skiers. To gather prices, we directly contacted restaurants in these destinations and found prices online on their websites. We then calculated all prices on the basis of a 330ml quantity of soda.