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The prices displayed on our website are representative of the price per night or price per stay for the selected settings and time period, if applicable mandatory extra costs are added on location. For technical reasons, HomeToGo cannot guarantee the correctness of (price) information. Please ensure that you carefully review the booking details on the provider's website before completing your booking. HomeToGo is compensated by its partners. This compensation is one of several factors than can influence the ranking of search results.

2015 Price Comparison Study of Holiday Rentals in Europe

The metasearch engine HomeToGo aggregates over 150 holiday rental websites worldwide. This puts us in a unique position to create a comprehensive analysis from more than 2.9 million accommodation offers. In the following pages we focus on the issue of seasonality. How do prices change between the high season during July and August and the low season in September. In other words, where can travellers find the best bargain or which locations are more expensive after the summer period. As part of this research, we have discovered exciting patterns in the data. Did you know, for example, which European capital offers the best return for people investing in a private holiday home? In addition, which city in the UK offers the most spacious accommodation? We found out by looking at the size of accommodation across the UK. We also discovered why bargain-hunters should steer clear of two German cities in September.

Holiday Rental Prices: Overview Of Countries

Prices (£) for 25 European countries for a one-week stay with 4 guests. Holiday rental prices: overview of countries

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Accommodation in Switzerland, Netherlands and Greece will have the highest price tag compared to the rest of Europe in High Season. Italy, Spain, Norway and the UK follow closely behind. Surprisingly, finding a place for 4 for one week in September in Germany would come at a median cost of £363, which is among the lowest prices in Europe.

Holiday Rental Prices: Overview Of Cities

Prices (£) for 32 European cities for a one-week stay with 4 guests. Holiday Rental Prices: Overview of Cities

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In Europe, London, Amsterdam and Copenhagen are among the most expensive cities in July and August with little or no price drop in September. Destinations such as Toulouse, Porto and Warsaw come at almost a third of the price.

Rental Prices vs. Real Estate Prices

HomeToGo compared holiday rental prices/m² of a holiday rental with current real estate prices/m². A higher ratio suggests that guests pay an inflated price for rentals with respect to real estate prices. This of course benefits owners who rent out their properties. The ranking position in each category is found in the brackets.
City Rental Price/m2 Real Estate Price/m2 Ratio**
London £22.1 (1) £15,510 (1) 1.4 (20)
Paris £17.3 (2) £9,164 (2) 1.9 (18)
Amsterdam £15.9 (3) £3,798 (10) 4.2 (6)
Moscow £12.2 (4) £4,326 (8) 2.8 (10)
Copenhagen £11.4 (5) £3,452 (11) 3.3 (9)
Stockholm £11.1 (6) £6,463 (4) 1.7 (16)
Oslo £10.8 (7) £4,607 (6) 2.3 (15)
Dublin £10.4 (8) £4,163 (9) 2.5 (12)
Helsinki £10.0 (9) £4,385 (7) 2.3 (13)
Rome £9.6 (10) £6,911 (3) 1.4 (19)
Madrid £8.8 (11) £2,594 (13) 3.4 (8)
Vienna £8.8 (12) £5,121 (5) 1.7 (17)
Brussels £8.5 (13) £2,442 (14) 3.5 (7)
Prague £8.1 (14) £1,953 (15) 4.1 (5)
Berlin £8.0 (15) £2,730 (12) 2.9 (11)
Warsaw £8.0 (16) £1,806 (17) 4.5 (2)
Lisbon £6.5 (17) £1,869 (16) 3.6 (14)
Istanbul £6.2 (18) £1,449 (18) 4.3 (3)
Zagreb £5.6 (19) £1,344 (19) 4.1 (4)
Athens £5.1 (20) £855 (20) 6.3 (1)
Amsterdam proves to be a profitable place to rent out your home. Crashing real estate prices in Athens have not resulted in a similar drop in median holiday rental prices.

Price Differences Between High And Low Season in European Coastal Regions

HomeToGo compared rental prices along the Western Mediterranean and South Atlantic coasts. Travelling during the Low Season offers weekly savings of around £240 in Veneto, Italy but only £14 in Coimbra, Portugal. The Balearic Islands in Spain are the only European coastal destinations in which a week long stay remains over £600 both in High and Low Season. PAGE 10 FULLY BOOKED RATE’ IN EUROPEAN COUNTRIES IN HIGH SEASON

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‘Fully Booked Rate’ In European Countries In High And Low Season

Nordic and Mediterranean countries have the highest ‘fully booked rate’ in High Season. Interestingly, France has a low ‘fully booked rate’, partly due to the country’s large supply of holiday rentals. France is the only country that sees its ‘fully booked rate’ increase from High to Low Season. The ‘fully booked rate’ remains fairly high in Nordic countries, whereas the rate decreases by up to 50% in the Low Season in the Mediterranean. Fully Booked Rate In European Countries In High And Low Season

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The Seasonality Effect: Resorts vs. Cities

Resort towns, for example Brighton or Rimini, receive a peak of tourist activity in the summer months. Metropolises such as London and Paris are, on the other hand, popular all year round. In resort towns the rental prices fall in Low Season on average by 29% and the ‘fully booked rate’ falls on average, by 48%. In cities the rental prices remain stable and fall in Low Season on average by only 3%. The ‘fully booked rate’ also remains stable from High to Low Season, decreasing on average, by only 2%. The Seasonality Effect: Resorts vs. Cities

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How were the various destinations selected in this study? HomeToGo selected European countries, cities and regions, which have the most tourist activity. In total, HomeToGo has used data from 26 countries, 84 regions and 107 cities or large towns, among which 88 cities are visited all-year round and 19 are resort towns that are more reliant on seasonal tourism. A comprehensive list of destinations can be found in the Appendix. Why are median prices used? Median prices are the mathematical middle value and are therefore less sensitive to extreme values. Unusually high prices, for example from a few ultra luxury holiday homes, would too strongly affect the average value. What do the prices reflect? Prices are given for a one-week stay for 4 guests at a particular destination. Which time periods are used in the study? The summer and autumn season in 2015 are compared in this study. What is the definition of High Season in the study? High Season consists of the 8 weeks in July and August. What is the definition of Low Season in the study? Low Season consists of the 4 weeks in September. What does ‘fully booked rate’ mean in the study? A property is fully booked when it is not possible to book a week-long stay in the particular time period. The ’fully booked rate’ is the percentage of properties that are fully booked in a given destination. When was the data requested for this study? The data was requested on July 7th 2015 and where appropriate, the daily exchange rate as used. For comprehensive data please download the raw data Pound/Euro/.