Looking for a European getaway? With so many vibrant cities, it can be tough to decide which one to visit – for a short break or longer.
But don’t worry, we have teamed up with GoEuro to make a handy guide showcasing the top 100 European cities to visit. Using internal data, we did all the dirty work to compile this list and make it easy for you to decide which one to visit!

Data from more than 2,000 European cities was analysed to construct this list of the top 100 city getaway destinations. The nightlife rankings include results from GoEuro’s Beer Price Index which calculates the most affordable cities to buy a beer. This data was then combined with Go Euro’s Fun City Index which ranks cities on amount of bars/clubs and general open hours. HomeToGo constructed the Accommodation Index which is made from amount of accommodation available in each city with the average price per night.

In order to come up with the Ultimate City Break, destinations were divided into five different categories and ranked from there. These categories include: day activities, nightlife, food and drink, accommodation, and public transport. The best combination of these factors revealed that the ultimate European weekend getaway destination is Barcelona!



Top 100 Weekend Breaks

Feel free to customise your ideal getaway destination using the table below. You can click on each category and sort the ranking however you like to start planning your next weekend trip.

The total score per city is based on a total of 100 points. Take a look at the sources below.


Top Cities: for Brits

In addition to our top 100 ranking, we wanted to give the best recommendations for a weekend getaway for Brits. We came up with three cities that will give you a lasting impression.

Lisbon is the first of them. The capital city of Portugal is a wonderful city with great history, food and weather. Wander through the Old Quarter in Lisbon and marvel at the great buildings that magnify the city. Stop for a lunch break and try the Portuguese national dish, called bacalhau. This fish dish, which can be allegedly cooked in 365 different ways, is an absolute must-try.

If you’re on a budget, Budapest will be the perfect destination. Combining great prices and fantastic architecture & nightlife, Budapest should be on everyone’s bucket list. With its 5-star rating in accommodation, it also comes to no surprise that Budapest is one of the most popular destination choices for travellers.

Our third recommendation is Marseille, which is the second largest city in France. The French city, which was elected European Capital of Culture in 2013, is an undiscovered gem. Located on the Mediterranean coast, this lovely city will charm you notably with its beautiful basilica overlooking the city. A visit of the Calanques will also amaze you and give second thoughts to all the naysayers.


Lisbon Getawayslissabon

2.9 for day activities
4.0 for nightlife
4.2 for accommodation
3.0 for food and drinks
2.0 for transportation

Budapest Getawaysbudapest

2.7 for day activities
4.1 for nightlife
5.0 for accommodation
2.7 for food and drinks
3.1 for transportation

Marseille Getaways

1.5 for day activities
3.3 for nightlife
3.9 for accommodation
1.8 for food and drinks
1.4 for transportation

Top weekend trips: Things To Do and See

#1 Attractions and Activities: London



Rank City Ranking out of 5
1 London 5.0
2 Paris 4.9
3 Rome 4.8
4 Prague 4.7
5 Barcelona 4.6
6 Istanbul 4.3
7 Moscow 4.1
8 Madrid 3.9
9 Berlin 3.6
10 St. Petersburg 3.6

Looking to soak up some culture on your vacation? We looked into data to identify the cities that offer the most activities. City rankings are based on the amount of activities, attractions, and shopping opportunities.

London takes the top spot as the best city for this category. With plenty of cultural attractions, museums, and shopping, or other touristic attractions such as the Shard or the London Eye, London is the perfect place to visit. Our museum recommendation? The British Museum! This free museum displays more than 7 million objects and artifacts.

Coming in a close second is Paris. The City of Light offers top shopping galleries, art museums, and iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower. In Paris, you will discover internationally renowned buildings and monuments, such as Versailles, the Arc de Triomphe or the Eiffel Tower. Alternatively, you could plan a visit to the Louvre Museum to meet Mona Lisa.

Top Cities: Nightlife

#1 Nightlife: Berlin


Rank City Ranking out of 5
1 Berlin 5.0
2 Krakow 4.9
3 Barcelona 4.8
4 Kiev 4.7
5 Madrid 4.6
6 Sarajevo 4.5
7 Seville 4.5
8 Valencia 4.5
9 Wroclaw 4.4
10 Coimbra 4.3

Party animals, look no further; Europe is home to many cities with vibrant nightlife. GoEuro looked at the number of bars/clubs in each city break destination and combined it with the time for last call and average price of a beer.

Our research showed that Berlin is the place to be for all-nighters. The German capital city hosts a myriad of incredible nightlife venues and is reputed to have one of the best techno scenes in the world. Most of the clubs open doors on Friday evening and remain open until Monday morning, giving clubbers the opportunity to experience a weekend-long party!

In second place comes Krakow, Poland. Despite the lower number of bars/clubs, they are open so long as there are people inside. Have a midnight snack at the famous ‘Kiełbaski z Nyski’ where you can get the best sausages in town!

Top Cities: On a Budget

#1 On a Budget: Kiev


Rank City Ranking out of 5
1 Kiev 5.0
2 Zagreb 5.0
3 Budapest 5.0
4 Siena 5.0
5 Sarajevo 4.9
6 Coimbra 4.9
7 Pilsen 4.6
8 Riga 4.5
9 Sofia 4.5
10 Bucharest 4.3

An easy way to save extra bucks when planning a city break vacation is to book your own transport and accommodation rather than opting for an all-inclusive flight & hotel package. It makes sense that travelers report accommodation cost as a factor in deciding whether or not to take a city break vacation. This is the reason why HomeToGo analysed the holiday rental prices for the 100 different cities to establish which cities offer the cheapest stay options.

When it comes to lodging, Kiev turns out to be the most economical destination! Accommodation cost depends on the city’s popularity, price, and amount of rentals available. This is why big capital cities like London are not included in this list.

Kiev is one of the most underrated European capital cities and has been neglected by tourists for years. Go there and see by yourself; Its grandiose sights such as the Saint Sophia’s Cathedral or the central square will leave you speechless. Besides, its extremely low prices make Kiev the perfect destination for backpackers. Whether you go there for an immersion in Ukraine or to discover a new city with cheap prices, you’ll come back with unforgettable memories.

Top Cities: Food & Drink

#1 Food & Drink: Barcelona


Rank City Ranking out of 5
1 Barcelona 5.0
2 Madrid 5.0
3 Paris 4.9
4 Rome 4.9
5 London 4.8
6 Istanbul 4.6
7 Berlin 4.6
8 Milan 4.1
9 Prague 4.0
10 Lisbon 3.0

Most of us enjoy indulging in delicious cuisine when on vacation. Europe is home to many different cultures each with famous dishes of their own. This makes it’s cities great locations to consider for your next trip.

GoEuro calculated the average cost and quality of a meal in each of the destination cities. Spanish cities Barcelona and Madrid top the ranking with their delicious tapas and sangria!

Top Cities: Getting Around

#1 Getting Around: Bucharest


Rank City Ranking out of 5
1 Bucharest 5.0
2 Sofia 5.0
3 Kiev 4.9
4 Sarajevo 4.9
5 Gdansk 4.3
6 Wroclaw 4.0
7 Krakow 3.9
8 Istanbul 3.8
9 Pilsen 3.7
10 Antalya 3.6
Another cost that travelers need to account for when planning a city break is how much it will cost to get from point A to point B. A workaround for this is to avoid extremely popular city break destinations like Venice or Zurich. Instead, opt for one of the capitals of Eastern Europe.

The city with the most affordable public transport is Bucharest, with a price of approximately 55 cents per mile. Kiev is also quite affordable when it comes to transport. A one way ticket on the public transport system costs only 14 cents per journey!


Criteria used to rank cities (by order of importance):

Based on the approximate number of bars/clubs, their closing time and the average beer price. All the information was gathered from the GoEuro Beer Price Index, TripAdvisor, ResidentAdvisor, TimeOut, The Culture Trip, Numbeo, Telegraph and tourism board websites.

Day Activities
Includes the approximate amount of activities and clothing shops along with the average shopping price, taking into consideration the average price between one pair of jeans and one summer dress in a chain store, based on Tripadvisor and Numbeo data.

Food and Drinks
Average price between a meal in an inexpensive restaurant and a meal in a mid-range restaurant. This is along with the average price of a coke and the approximate number of restaurants per city based on Tripadvisor and Numbeo data.

The average price of accommodation based on the price per person and per night and the approximate amount of accommodations per city based on Hometogo data. The prices of vacation rentals for max. 6 people were calculated on a basis of more than 800,000 bookings made via HomeToGo metasearch engine between October 2015 and September 2016.

Public Transport
Based on the average price of public transport including one-way ticket and the taxi rate, including the starting price and one kilometer ride, taken from Numbeo data.

Total score
The final calculation includes other factors such as the Climate Index, Pollution Index, Safety Index, Purchasing Power Index, Health Care Index, Cost of Living Index, property price to income ratio, and Traffic and Commute Time Index based on Numbeo data. Along with these elements, a deduction of the overall score has been applied to those countries where a visa is required. These factors have been integrated in the final calculation but are not displayed in the ranking table.

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