2018 WorldCup Price Index

How much does it cost to follow each team?

The 2018 WorldCup starts in:

Time to get excited, folks! The 21st edition of world's favourite football tournament is upon us, and there are dozens of mouth-watering fixtures right on the horizon. Taking place in the vast country that is Russia, football fans need to be ready for quite an adventure around the world's largest country this summer.

With such vast distances in between the 11 host cities, this adventure won't be cheap for any supporter this summer. As football fanatics ourselves, we were curious to find out which of the 32 qualified fanbases will have to fork out the most to support their team in Russia. As each of the 32 fanbases have a unique point of origin, and every host city has a different cost of living, no one will be paying the same this summer. But who is winning and who is losing the budget game?

Our price index includes the cost of match tickets to the three group stage games, air travel to Russia and between the group stage games, as well as accommodation, beer and meals during the group stage. The fanbase that faces the highest costs is ranked 1st in the table below, and the fanbase that faces the lowest costs is ranked 32nd. It's time for kickoff!


Average price of a ticket for the three group stage games


Price of two local beers per day in the respective host cities


Price of two meals per day in the respective host cities

international flight

Price for an international flight to the city of the first group game

Domestic flight

Price for domestic flights between the group stage games


Average accommodation price in the three group stage cities

Who are the financial winners and losers of the WorldCup?

Luzhniki Stadium

100 hours for three games!

Is free train travel around Russia a viable alternative to flying?

The organizers of the WorldCup are trying to make it easier for international fans to travel around Russia this summer. To support this, they are offering every fan who has a ticket for a game of the WorldCup free train travel around Russia. At first glance, this sounds like a good alternative to domestic flights, especially as Russian airlines have already announced that prices for flights during the WorldCup could rise by up to 40%. However, on closer inspection, you can see that this generous offer has a serious catch: Due to the large distances between the host cities, you would have to spend a lot of time in Russian trains just to experience the group stage games!

HomeToGo has calculated how many hours it would take to travel by train between the group stage games, for each of the 32 fanbases. The ranking shows which fan groups would have to spend the most and least time in a train to use that as their primary mode of transport. For England fans, it would take over 67 hours to travel between the group stage cities by train. In that time, you could watch almost 45 football matches!

WorldCup Accommodation Costs

The prices of holiday rentals during the WorldCup 2018 in Russia have been rising ever since the fixture list was revealed. HomeToGo researched the prices surrounding the WorldCup games in each respective host city and found out what the most expensive and affordable cities are during the tournament.

Host cities with the most expensive accommodation


£245 per person per night

Nizhny Novgorod


£150.11 per person per night


Host cities with the most affordable accommodation


£27.09 per person per night



£48.06 per person per night



Total Price = Tickets + Beer + Food + Flight to Russia + Transportation + Accommodation

HomeToGo calculated how much it would cost fans of each participating country to make their way to Russia and attend all three games in the group stage. In order to achieve this, we looked at six price factors: The cost of a ticket for each of the games, the local cost of two domestic beers, the local cost of two daily meals, an international flight to Russia, the cost of domestic flights in between the Russian host cities, and the average cost of accommodation during the WorldCup. The total cost is based on the assumption that the fans will stay in Russia for twelve days to attend all of the games in the groupstage, arriving one day ahead of the first game. We included all 32 countries that are participating in the 2018 WorldCup. The total price is the sum of the six price factors. 

Ticket Price: The costs of the tickets for the WorldCup are based on the official ticket prices set by the FIFA for the group matches and have been split up into four different categories. Categories one, two and three will be available to fans across the world through online ticket sales; the less expensive fourth category is reserved for Russian residents only. The prices of the tickets within the first three categories are combined in order to derive a realistic average cost per ticket. The ticket price for the opening game is higher and tickets for Russian residents are sold at a lower fixed price.*

Beer Price: This factors in the cost of buying two 500ml domestic beer every day, taking into account that the price of beer varies from city to city. The data was collected through Numbeo.**

Meal Price: This factors in the cost of having breakfast and going out for dinner every day, taking into account that the local prices of restaurants vary from city to city. The data was collected through Numbeo.**

International flights: These costs represent the prices of international flights to Russia. A one-way journey from the largest international airport of each of the participating countries towards the first host city is taken for each of the respective teams. The arrival date is one day ahead of the first game of each team. The best available flight is taken in terms of cheapest price and length of the trip. Return flights home are not included, as it is impossible to predict the progress of each national team within the tournament. ***

Domestic flights: The costs included in the domestic air travel category are based on the cost of a domestic flight ticket for one person in between the different cities where their national team plays. The domestic flights arrive the day before the next game. The best available flight is taken in terms of cheapest price and length of the trip.

 A leading online flight price aggregator that compares the price of flying with all major international airlines was used to calculate the price of the international and domestic flights. Direct flights were selected when available. The prices were calculated on December 1st, 2017. ***

Accommodation: The cost of accommodation was calculated by looking at the average cost of available accommodation options around the different cities in which the matches will be hosted. The total amount of nights per host city is four. The 'Accommodation Price' column within the fan index shows the estimated costs of holiday rentals during the WorldCup per person. It sums up the average cost of a four night stay in each of the three host cities where the different teams will play. The prices were calculated on December 1st, 2017.****

*Ticket prices: FIFA.com

**Beer and meal prices: Numbeo.com

***International and domestic flights: momondo.co.uk

****Accommodation prices: hometogo.co.uk