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A Year In Review: How The World Travelled in 2021, Revealed By HomeToGo

HomeToGo, the marketplace with the world's largest selection of holiday rentals, has released its 2021 Year In Review retrospective.

Looking at the search patterns, amenity priorities and accommodation type preferences of its guests  from 10 markets across the globe, HomeToGo’s Year in Review draws on a depth of internal data. From the jet-setters to the staycationers, the sauna obsessed to the dog devotees, the villa vacationers to the boat-trippers - HomeToGo reveals how travellers worldwide thought about, planned for and took holidays throughout 2021.

Travel Demand Behavior

Must-Have Amenities

Making a Splash

While HomeToGo’s “Pool” amenity was the most frequently used filter in 2021 overall, search data reveals that travellers from Austria, France and Spain were the most eager to take a dip and relax poolside this year.

Wedded to WiFi

Whether it was for the rising trend of “workations”, Netflix binging or sharing holiday snaps on social media, HomeToGo’s “Internet” amenity was most often selected by travellers from Germany, Switzerland and Austria in 2021.

Dog Devotees

Travellers from Germany, the UK and Austria were the most prone to holidaying alongside their canine companions, with searches from these countries making the most frequent use of HomeToGo’s “Pets Allowed” filter.


Seeing the highest percentage of searches filtering for HomeToGo’s “Garage” amenity, travellers from the countries of Switzerland, Austria and Germany were revving their engines to visit drive-to destinations in 2021. 

Relaxation Nations

Travellers from the UK, the Netherlands and France knew how to kick back and unwind in style during holidays in 2021, making the most frequent use of HomeToGo’s “Hot Tub” amenity.

Turning Up The Heat

Meanwhile, travellers from the Netherlands, Germany and Poland preferred to turn up the heat to chill out, with the highest percentage of searches from these countries filtering for the “Sauna” amenity.

All About Accommodation

Escape To The Country

Opting for a true rural retreat, “Farm Stays” were most searched for amongst Spanish travellers in 2021 - followed by holidaymakers from the UK and the Netherlands.

Keeping It Cozy

Snug in the countryside, the “Cottage” accommodation type was the most popular amongst travellers from the UK, followed by holidaymakers from the U.S. and Spain.

Luxe Lovers

Looking for stylish serenity and sunny escapes, searches filtering for “Villas” were most often seen amongst travellers from the countries of France, the UK and Italy.

Holidays Ahoy

German, Swiss and French travellers took to the water in 2021, with these markets seeing the highest percentage of searches using the “Boat” accommodation type filter.


Insight is based on all searches between 01.01.-08.12.2021 via HomeToGo domains from users with GeoIPs from the respective mentioned countries.

About HomeToGo

HomeToGo is the marketplace with the world's largest selection of holiday rentals, listing millions of offers from thousands of trusted partners, including Booking.com, Vrbo and TripAdvisor. From holiday homes, cottages, flats, apartments, lodges, villas, houseboats, castles, farm stays and everything in between, HomeToGo combines price, destination, dates and amenities to find the perfect accommodation for any trip worldwide.

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