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60 m² Apartment
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Saint Michel, Monte Carlo, Monaco
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100 m² Apartment
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Beausoleil, Monaco
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from £169
60 m² Apartment
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Saint Michel, Monte Carlo, Monaco
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54 m² Apartment
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50 m² Apartment
Monte Carlo, Monaco
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80 m² Apartment
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210 m² House
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120 m² Apartment
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500 m² House
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Popular holiday rental amenities in Monaco

  • Kitchen (92)
  • Internet (84)
  • TV (76)
  • No smoking (63)
  • Washer (60)
  • AC (54)
  • No pets (52)
  • Balcony/Patio (51)
  • Microwave (45)
  • Dishwasher (39)
  • Parking (37)
  • Pool (22)

Living the high life with holiday lettings in Monaco

Find a spacious and luxurious apartment close to the action in Monaco, one of Europe’s most glamorous and upmarket destinations, home to world-class nightlife, beaches, and museums. Experience the best of Monte Carlo and the rest of Monaco and return to your own apartment. Whether you're in the mix of Monte Carlo or away from the crown, you'll have all the amenities you need to enjoy your stay in the world's second smallest country.

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Weather & Climate

Monaco's ideal climate

Monaco's climate is part of the reason it was first established as a luxury resort area. Mild year-round temperatures and just sixty days of rain a year make it just about the perfect holiday destination.

Pleasantly hot summer temperatures of 22-26 degrees and cool evenings mean July and August are often touted as the best time to visit. Late spring and into autumn also bring warm weather and minimal rainfall. Winter is mild by seasonal standards, and it's not uncommon for there to be days more fitting for summer than winter. That being said - if visiting during this time, it's worth bringing layers as days, and especially nights, can be chilly.

Art & Culture

Museums, art galleries, and culture in Monaco

Monaco might have a reputation as being a ritzy place to spend the evening, but there are also plenty of cultural activities. The famous Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium, which has been a Monaco institution for more than a decade, features a staggering selection of marina life including more than 4,000 types of fish. Sea skeletons from the past, model ships, and video exhibitions define one of Monaco's most visited attractions.

At the NMNM, visitors can enjoy two exhibition spaces that showcase contemporary art or take a stroll through human history at the Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology. Car buffs will get a thrill from taking a tour of the Monaco Top Cars Collection which was assembled from the personal collection of Prince Rainier III and includes a Bugatti Type 35 from 1929 and Sébastien Loeb's Citroën DS3 WRC, among others.


Monaco's famous nightlife

Make no mistake: Monaco's nightlife is up there with the best in the world, with enough high end lounges and clubs to rival any city. If you want a truly special night in Monaco, head on down to the Grand Casino. It's located in Monte Carlo, along with many other night spots, and is among the most famous casinos in the world. You'll have to dress well and pay a fee to get inside most places within the building, but play your cards right and you could be walking out a winner. If you do win big and want to party until the early hours, then visit The Living Room Club, the city's premier club.

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