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Popular holiday rental amenities in Portmeirion

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  • Parking (1)
  • Garden (1)
  • TV (1)
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  • Fireplace (1)
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The above filters will help you find the perfect accommodation in Portmeirion. Our database reveals that pools and gardens prove to be the most commonly offered amenities in Portmeirion. Fewer accommodation options in Portmeirion are available if you need internet access during your holidays or you like to end your days curled up by the fire, as internet and fireplaces are not often available in Portmeirion.

The Weather in Portmeirion

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Accommodation options in Portmeirion

All of the offers (100%) in Portmeirion are hotel rooms. They are the most common holiday properties there. The standard size of hotel rooms in Portmeirion is 50 m², with a median price of £203 a night. Moreover, the majority of hotel rooms in Portmeirion are able to welcome 3 people, which makes Portmeirion a great holiday destination for couples and small groups. If you're searching for another type of accommodation, you can find some other offers, such as hotel rooms, which are another typical property type in Portmeirion. The average size of hotel rooms in Portmeirion is 32 m², and the average price is £152 per night.

Unconventional, eccentric Portmeirion and its quirky holiday lettings

If ever there were ever a village designed to be photographed, then Portmeirion is it. With its backdrop of Italianate architecture and lush sub-tropical woodland, holiday accommodation here does not disappoint. Visitors can stay within the village itself in a suitably quirky house, or slightly further afield in traditional cottages and snug farmhouses (which are often blessed with stunning views across the coast or towards Snowdonia). Many Portmeirion cottages sleep four or more, creating an ideal base for families or small groups of friends, while cosy interiors and private gardens make them the optimal place to stay all year round.

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What are the best places to discover the arts and culture of Portmeirion?

The Welsh Riviera

Visitors to Portmeirion may think that they have walked onto a film set - and they are not wrong! Built by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis between 1925 and 1975, this unconventional (and at times madcap) village was inspired by the Italian Riviera. With pastel facades and an eclectic mix of styles, it has lent an exotic air to many productions, including '60s thriller The Prisoner, Doctor Who, and Citizen Smith. The playful, tongue-cheek-style has also provided a font of inspiration for numerous writers, actors and musicians.

Portmeirion is a private village with ticketed access, and an annual pass is recommended for visits of three or more days. Guided tours are available, but alternatively you can set your own itinerary through the pavilions and cupolas, oriental pagodas, neat plazas, 70 acres of woodland, coastal pathways and hidden lakes.

Where are the unique attractions in Portmeirion?

Exploring Snowdonia

Access to the 840-square mile Snowdonia National Park can be gained from Porthmadog. Wales' highest peak is approachable to those who wish merely to stretch their legs against striking scenery, and adventure-seekers alike. Portmeirion's location makes it a fitting base to explore the area's vast valleys, wild coastline and protected nature reserves.

Take a vintage ride on the narrow gauge steam Ffestiniog Railway down the coast to Porthmadog. This Welsh-speaking village has a strong maritime history and is home to craft shops and restaurants set against the majesty of Snowdonia. Other recommended day trips include Betws-y-Coed with its magnificent Swallow Falls, Harlech and its 13th century castle, and Pwllheli, a protected Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

What are the best events and festivals in Portmeirion?

Quirky culture and Welsh produce

For three days in September, Portmeirion’s squares echo with the sound of stories, comedy and music as Festival No. 6 takes place. True to Portmeirion's unconventional nature, the festival is a quirky fusion of cultural events, and past editions have included flying acrobats, an atmospheric torchlight procession, and a Sgt Pepper's-themed funfair.

Foodies visiting during early December will be delighted by the Food & Craft Fair. The distinctively Welsh-flavoured event spotlights high-quality Welsh produce and cooking demonstrations from Welsh chefs, as well as live music from Welsh choirs and bands.

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