Stonehenge campsites


Visit Prehistoric Stonehenge, In the Heart of England in Wiltshire

Among the world's oldest monuments, Stonehenge is easily one of the most famous landmarks on the planet, with an intriguing history and undeniable beauty. No one is quite sure how ancient people carried these huge stones, now known to have originated in Wales, all the way to Wiltshire in England. Nearby Stonehenge campsites, however, bring you close to one of the greatest enduring enigmas on the face of the globe.

Useful information for your visit to Stonehenge

Discover more about this wonderful historic monument, which is best visited via timed tickets booked online in advance.

  • Origins

    What we do know about Stonehenge's inner stones is that they were moved about 160mi. from what's today a sheep farm in Wales. Nestled in the gorgeous Preseli Hills close to the Pembrokeshire coast, it's incredible to think of the effort it would have taken to move them without modern transport and machinery. The outer stones were sourced closer by, so why exactly it was necessary to also bring stones from as far away as Wales is a mystery.

  • Religion

    The circular arrangement of these huge standing stones brings to mind possible religious meaning. Perhaps Stonehenge was created to worship an ancient god, or gods, now forgotten in time. As bones have been found here, it may have also been a graveyard. It's certainly possible that those buried here had particular religious or political status.

  • An enduring mystery

    The age of Stonehenge and its perplexing origins makes this one of the world's most fascinating historic sites. Whatever its meaning, it's incredibly well preserved after 4,000 to 5,000 years in existence. This makes it a beautiful spot to visit and contemplate our collective past and origins.

Best things to do near Stonehenge

There's a lot to do close to Stonehenge, with nearby historic villages and cities.

  • Salisbury

    Be sure to take some time to visit this quaint medieval city nearby. With a 13th century Gothic cathedral and the grand Mompesson House, there's plenty to see. For more ancient history, check out Old Sarum, the ruins of an Iron Age fort.

  • Shrewton

    Right by Stonehenge is this charming village that's home to 'Woodhenge'. This is a series of concrete posts dating from around 2300 B.C. The Durrington Walls and Robin Hood's Ball are other mysterious and beautiful ancient sites to see when touring the area.

  • Andover

    This is a real treat for history and nature lovers, with the Andover Museum and Museum of the Iron Age housed in a pretty Georgian House. Andover is also home to the Hawk Conservatory Trust, where you can witness these superb beasts feeding and flying around the surrounding meadows and woodlands. If you love aviation, the Museum of Army Flying is also well worth a visit.

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