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Discover a holiday home that matches your expectations among the 165 great holiday rentals from different partner websites in Stansted. By comparing these different offers, HomeToGo highlights the most economical offers as well as the highest rated accommodation options in Stansted.

Popular holiday rental amenities in Stansted

  • Internet (130)
  • TV (101)
  • Kitchen (95)
  • Washer (68)
  • No smoking (67)
  • Parking (52)
  • Garden (41)
  • Microwave (36)
  • Pet allowed (26)
  • Dishwasher (22)
  • Balcony/Patio (16)
  • Wheelchair access (15)

The Weather in Stansted


- Rainy days

This is the climate diagram for Stansted. In July, maximum temperatures climb above 22°. In contrast, the coolest month is January. The rainiest month is January, while the driest month is March.

Accommodation options in Stansted

94 out of the 165 listed accommodation options in Stansted are hotel rooms. They account for nearly half of the accommodation types in this destination (41.05%). These types of accommodation have an average size of 26 m² and cost, on average, £88 a night. Furthermore, hotel rooms are ideal for couples and small groups, as most can welcome 3 holidaymakers. Travellers looking for another type of accommodation can also compare many house rentals, which are the other most popular property type in Stansted. The average size of house rentals in Stansted is 23 m², and the average price is £82 a night.

Explore Stansted and the surrounding area at a holiday cottage

Whereas Stansted may be best known as the location of one of London's airports, the village itself is still a peaceful and quaint destination. Stay at Stansted lodging to be within easy reach of a major international airport and away from the bustle of the city.

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Art & Culture

Fine homes and gardens

Gibberd Garden, in the nearby town of Harlow, is a fascinating park created by artist Sir Frederick Gibberd in the 20th century. Visitors can enjoy taking a stroll among the plants and trees while keeping their eyes peeled for sculptures. Meanwhile, 17th-century Audley End House is packed with historic artefacts and fine works of art, including paintings by Hans Holbein and Canaletto.

Local Attractions

Activities for children

Stansted is home to the House on the Hill Toy Museum, where you can see thousands of books, games, and toys dating from Victorian times to the present day. You can even play with many of the exhibits, including the museum's impressive puppet theatre.

Additionally, Audley End Miniature Railway is a fun way for the family to explore the grounds of Audley End House. Miniature steam engines take passengers on a ride through the woods, where you can spot fairies hiding in the undergrowth.

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