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Euston Accommodation

Euston Station

London's Euston Station

Euston Station is one of London's most prominent and important railway stations and serves the Northwest of the country including destinations such as Liverpool and Manchester. Eliminate the stress from your visit to Euston hotels by following these simple tips on getting to and from the station and finding those elusive taxis.

Useful Information for Visiting Euston Station base64Hash Useful Information for Visiting Euston Station

Useful Information for Visiting Euston Station

Esuton station is one of the capital's busiest, here are dome tips to make your visit more enjoyable.

  • Getting to Euston

    Euston station is served by several London Tube lines making the station accessible from all areas of the capital. The Victoria, Northern, Circle, Hammersmith and City and Metropolitan line all stop at Euston where you can disembark for the mainline station. Buses also serve Euston but as traffic can be heavy the tube is the best way of travelling.

  • Platforms

    The distance between the lobby in Euston and the platform is further than many other stations and includes a short walk down an elongated ramp. Make sure that you arrive at the station with plenty of time as you will still need at least 5 minutes to reach the train even from the entrance where the shops and screens are displayed.

  • Taxis

    When you walk out of the entrance you will be greeted not by a taxi rank but by a block of shops behind which are several lanes moving traffic. The taxi rank at London Euston is located underneath the station and is accessible via the lifts

Best Things to Do near Euston Station base64Hash Best Things to Do near Euston Station

Best Things to Do near Euston Station

Situated in the heart oof London, Euston station is conveniently located close to a number of the cities most popular attractions.

  • British Library

    It is thought that the British Library has a collection of over 200 million books and, as well as exploring the incredible array of texts, you can also catch a screening, talks or debate with eminent writers and academics.

  • British Museum

    The Rosetta stone and Elgin marbles are two of the most famous and controversial pieces in the British Museum but one can spend days discovering the past in this excellent and free attraction just to the south of the station.

  • Regent's Park

    A mile to the west of the station is Regent's Park. London Zoo, the open air theatre and the Queen Mary Rose Garden are all located within the park's boundaries and it's a wonderful place to spend a summer afternoon with the family or just yourself and a good book.

  • Baker Street

    Arguably the most famous address in London, 221B Baker Street is located a little to the south west of Euston Station. Visit the home of the world's most iconic fictional detective where there is a museum exploring the character and its author in detail.

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