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Drayton Manor Theme park

Enjoy Rides and Sightseeing In and Near Drayton Manor Theme Park

Drayton Manor is one of the UK's best theme parks, with plenty of rides and attractions for kids and grown ups of all tastes and ages. Hotels near Drayton Manor are a gateway to days of fun in this fantastic theme park, which also features a large zoo. From roller coasters to a 4D cinema, there's something for everyone, no matter how daring you are.

Useful information for your visit to Drayton Manor Theme Park base64Hash Useful information for your visit to Drayton Manor Theme Park

Useful information for your visit to Drayton Manor Theme Park

Find out what you can expect to see when you visit, including all the hair-raising rides and other great experiences for a family-friendly day out.

  • Shockwave

    Ever been on a stand-up roller coaster? The experience is very different to a traditional ride, as you corkscrew your way around at 53 miles per hour, with forces up to four Gs. The Shockwave also has a zero-gravity roll and was voted the world's best stand-up roller coaster.

  • Drunken Barrels

    A hilarious twist on the traditional teacups ride, you can sit with up to five other people as you spin around and try your best not to laugh out loud. This fun ride is also great for those scared of heights!

  • 4D Cinema

    You've likely seen a few 3D films at the cinema, but this one adds an extra dimension, with special effects you can actually feel. There are water sprays, air blasts and seats that move to put you right at the heart of the action. It's great for taking a break from the white-knuckle rides around the park.

Best things to do near Drayton Manor Theme Park base64Hash Best things to do near Drayton Manor Theme Park

Best things to do near Drayton Manor Theme Park

Located in Staffordshire, you'll be near a lot of great towns to extend your holiday. Spend a day or more at Drayton Manor and then enjoy a city break.

  • Tamworth

    Right by Drayton Manor is this charming town with plenty of local points of interest. Head to Tamworth Castle and tour the pretty Pleasure Grounds. The Church of St Editha is a medieval construction that's absolutely stunning. Alvecote Priory features 12th century ruins in a quaint, tucked-away location close to town.

  • Sutton Coldfield

    Less than 20 minutes away by car, this royal town is home to the splendid Sutton Park, which is perfect for nature walks and picnics. Ash End House Children's Farm is a superb local place to let the kids get up close with animals, while Hill Hook nature reserve completes the package of amazing local wildlife destinations.

  • Birmingham

    Just half an hour away by car, head to the UK's second city that's home to a range of superb attractions and shopping opportunities. Tour Cadbury World and the National Sea Life Centre, and buy gifts or pick up something for yourself at the enormous Bull Ring centre.

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