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Popular holiday rental amenities in Wells

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  • Garden (2)
  • Internet (2)
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  • Sauna (1)
  • BBQ (1)
Finding a rental with a pool shouldn't be too difficult in Wells. A few of the short stay accommodation options provide one on offer. House rentals with pools in Wells are a great choice for groups of 4 and cost, on average, £0 per night. Among these holiday lettings, a few are situated within 2 kilometres of water. In Wells, there are plenty of choices if you want to book a property that welcomes pets. If this is a top requirement for you, have a look at the house rentals in Wells. This is the most pet-friendly type of accommodation there. You will also find various rental options if you would prefer to stay near the city centre, as a few of the pet-friendly properties are less than 2 kilometres away from the centre of the city.

The Weather in Wells


- Rainy days

Above is a climate diagram for Wells. July is the warmest month of the year in Wells, with temperatures reaching an average daily maximum of 20°. In contrast, the coolest month is February. The rainiest month is December, while the driest month is July.

Accommodation options in Wells

More than two-thirds of the accommodation options (75%) in Wells are hotel rooms. They are the most common holiday properties there. The standard size of hotel rooms in Wells is 14 m², with an average price of £133 a night. Moreover, these rentals are optimal for couples and small groups, since that's the average number of holidaymakers that hotel rooms are able to welcome in Wells. If you're searching for another type of accommodation, you could search alternative offers, including house rentals, which are another popular type of accommodation in Wells. House rentals have an average size of 18 m² in Wells.

Discover Britain's greatest legends with Wells holiday lettings

Come to holiday homes in Wells for the town's historic city centre, stay for its moated Bishop's Palace and the world-class history in nearby Glastonbury and the Somerset coast.

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Food & Drink

Say cheese

Wells Market Place has been the beating heart of the city since the cathedral's inception nearly a thousand years ago. Come on Wednesdays and delve into the foodie delights of farmers' stalls and delicious dishes by local producers.

Two Instagram-worthy medieval gateways overlook the market place; Penniless Porch and the Bishop's Eye. While you're in Somerset, why not visit the Cheddar Valley's last surviving cheese producer, the Cheddar Gorge Company?

Art & Culture

Cathedrals and palaces

Wells Cathedral dates back almost a thousand years, to 1175. It is the medieval centre of Wells, making it England's tiniest city. Inside, you can see an impressive collection of stained glass and the second oldest clock in Britain. A row of houses adjacent to the cathedral date to the 14th century.

For 800 years, the bishops of Bath and Wells have inhabited the remarkable Bishop's Palace. Behind this aggressive portcullis, you will find a tranquil deer park, 5.5 hectare garden and arboretum.

Local Attractions

Glastonbury and the Wookey Hole

Glastonbury Abbey's sinuous Gothic lineaments have been a sacred site for hundreds, if not thousands of years. The abbey is built in the legendary burial place of Britain's King Arthur, and even its destruction during the Dissolution of the Monasteries hasn't stopped it being a worthy Mecca for pilgrims. Don't leave without seeing Glastonbury Tor, one of Britain's most significant monuments.

Wookey Hole Caves are the most famous in Britain. They are the legendary home of the Witch of Wookey. Children will be thrilled by adventures in these spectacular cavernn which include soft playgrounds, a prehistoric Valley of the Dinosaurs exhibits and a hall of mirrors. There's even a Wookey circus show.

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