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Popular holiday rental amenities in Wetherby

  • Internet (28)
  • No smoking (24)
  • TV (22)
  • Parking (22)
  • Kitchen (21)
  • Garden (19)
  • Pets allowed (18)
  • Washer (15)
  • Balcony/Patio (12)
  • Microwave (12)
  • Fireplace (9)
  • Dishwasher (7)
Many holidaymakers would like to find a holiday homes that have a pool. A few of the rentals have one in Wetherby. In addition, more House rentals have pools than any other property type. They are a great choice if you go in a group of 3, as that is the number of people they can usually accommodate. In Wetherby, a few of the properties providing a pool are close to the water. A lot of the holiday rentals in Wetherby allow pets, which makes it a great holiday spot for pet owners. In addition, pet-friendly properties in Wetherby have an average price of £101 a night. If you want to stay central, a few of the pet-friendly holiday lettings are less than 2 kilometres away from the city centre.

The weather in Wetherby


- Rainy days

Find the Wetherby climate diagram. During July, maximum temperatures go up to more than 21° On the contrary, the coolest month is February. The rainiest month is July while the driest month is December.

In Wetherby, more than half of the 36 holiday properties are house rentals, and they represent 54.17% of its short-term lettings. In addition, the standard size of house rentals in Wetherby is 85 m², with a median price of £135 per night. Moreover, these rentals are a great option if you're going in a group of 4, as that is the average number of holidaymakers that house rentals are able to host in Wetherby. Holidaymakers interested in something else can also compare many hotel rooms, which are the second most popular accommodation option in Wetherby. Hotel rooms have an average size of 19 m² in Wetherby.

Enjoy the delightful market town of Wetherby from your holiday letting

Your quaint and authentic Wetherby accommodation is an ideal spot from which to take in the beauty of the North York Moors and beyond.

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Family Activities

Caves and cars: Children's activities around Wetherby

The weather in Wetherby can be changeable to say the least, but the surrounding area offers plenty for kids to do. Mother Shipton's Cave in nearby Knaresborough is full of spooky delights. Tockwith Motor Sports, meanwhile, is the place to be for speed fiends. The go-kart track is perfect for kids of 9 and over.

Local Attractions

Exploring Yorkshire's Moors and Dales

Wetherby is not only a charming market town, it is also the perfect base for your exploration of Yorkshire's Dales and Moors. To the west of Wetherby are the majestic Moors. With their rolling grasslands and varied wildlife, they are perfect for nature lovers.

And then there are the Dales. Home to such natural wonders as the Pennine Way, Malham Cove and the Ingleton Waterfalls, they make for great hiking and offer some wonderful photo ops!

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