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Fishing Holidays

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Fishing Holidays: Top Destinations

Reel in the Ultimate European Fishing Holiday

The most majestic fishing spots in the world are just waiting to be discovered. Watch the northern lights dance as you ice fish in Scandinavia. In summer, mackerel and hake join the long list of fishable species in the spectacular fjords. Discover Scotland's magic coastline, or retreat to Sicily's coastal islands. Sardinia is ideal for combining fishing in the Tyrrhenian Sea with lazy days on the absurdly attractive island.

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When it comes to fishing holidays, the United Kingdom itself presents some truly transcendent experiences. The stately River Wye winds through Derbyshire like a silver ribbon. Here, Monsal Head is probably the prettiest fishing spot in England. A deep gorge and serene valley are accessed by a winding lane.

Sutherland in Scotland is elemental, rugged and as rich in trout as it is in ambiance. Lake fishing in nearby Loch Lomond is also popular.

Sicilian swordfish attracts fishermen from around the world and is rumoured to linger around submerged mountains. Italy's football is also a prime Bluefin tuna hunting ground, and surrounding the lush reefs you'll also hook amberjack and grouper. Tuna season starts in May and lasts until the end of October. Even if you don't catch anything, Sicily's coast is so beautiful you won't mind a bit. Garrick, grouper, bluefish and snapper are among the species you're likely to reel in from Sardinia's sparkling sea.

Its fjords are one of the prime reasons to travel to the country. The ultimate in lake holidays are to be found at these inland seas, surrounded by thousand foot mountains. Hook cod, halibut, pollack, haddock and whiting at Romsdalsfjord, one of the most biodiverse spots in the entire country. Romsdal district meanwhile, has some of Norway's best salmon fishing streams. You can even fish around the clock in the land of the midnight sun, or ice fish like a local beneath the brilliance of the northern lights.

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