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Holidays with Friends

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Take a Holiday With Friends to Travel With People You Love

Holidays with friends are a great way to strengthen your group's bond and build lasting memories.
The Best Destinations for Holidays With Friends

The Best Destinations for Holidays With Friends

Depending on your common interests, spend your time being pampered a spa, taking a class to learn a new skill, or getting out in the fresh air on a hike.

  • Napa Valley

    This California region is for friend groups with an avid interest in good food, stunning landscapes, and even better wine. Napa's climate is mild year-round, so schedule your trip whenever you like. While you are there, book a wine tasting for you and all of your friends. Once you have tasted the finest wines that Napa Valley has to offer, head over to one of the five-star restaurants in the area that offer you a true farm-to-table experience. Besides that, strap on your hiking boots and explore the many trails that are hidden throughout the vineyards. Finally, round off your trip with a stop at Calistoga Ranch. Book a round of massages for everyone before heading off for individual treatments. After you are reunited, enjoy a dinner by candlelight as you admire the sunset over the beautiful valley.

  • Helsinki

    If you're looking for an exciting option for your next holidays with friends, Helsinki is just the ticket. This Finnish city experiences extremely cold winters with large amounts of snow and summers that are warm and temperate. For the ultimate winter experience, book a trip between November and January. Spend your days cross country skiing before warming up next to a blazing fire. Alternatively, you could head further up north and chase the aurora borealis, or northern lights, that illuminate the night skies. If you and your friends aren't too keen on snow, visit Helsinki during the summer months. Spend your days strolling through the city streets, visting art galleries and eating in trendy cafes. Once the sun sets, watch a performance at the Finnish National Theatre. Round off your Helsinki holidays with friends with a marathon bar-hopping trip in Kallio.

  • Dubrovnik

    The Croatian city of Dubrovnik may be the top location for your holidays with friends. Sun lovers are sure to find the picturesque beaches and open plazas a dream. Get to the beach early to claim a prime spot for you and your pals. Soak up the rays and cool off in the ocean before you explore the medieval city. Not only do you get to marvel at impressive architecture, but you can also to take in the region's exciting culture. Take a yoga class in the city, trawl the many shops that line the Mediterranean coastline, or spend your evenings enjoying the popular night clubs.

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