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Luxury Holidays: Top Destinations

Planning Your Next Luxury Holidays

Holidays are a perfect way of breaking off from the usual routine activities. On your next travels, consider enjoy the finer things in life, in the context of beautiful landscapes, among fantastic culture. In order to get some true rest and relaxation, your getaway should be about what you want, how and when you want it. A luxury holiday helps you refresh and gain new strength to take on the world.

The Top Destinations for a Luxury Holiday

With a wide array of beautiful scenery and stunning cities with magnificent restaurants, relaxed spas, and other amenities, these three countries let you plan sumptuous holiday breaks without even having to go too far from the UK.

  • Croatia

    Perched along the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is a top destination for an indulgent holiday. It is home to 1000 islands, coupled with incredibly long stretches of mainland coastline. These coastal areas are a key part of a luxury holiday experience in Croatia, and there is no better way to luxuriously explore the shores than to board a yacht. The beaches in Croatia are grand spots for you to relax and unwind. You can also pamper yourself in thermal spas or hike the mountainous primeval forests. Since it is a prime historic country, you can also visit Croatia's various national parks, watch traditional folk dancers, and explore ancient Roman ruins. The high-end restaurants and hotels in Croatia offer exquisite meals and the lavish accommodation options. A deluxe stay in Croatia is a remarkable experience that will thrill you and your travel companions.

  • France

    With the cities of Paris and Bordeaux to the spectacular beaches along the Riviera, France makes for an ideal swanky vacation. You can anticipate delicious food and wine, incredible monuments, and both coastal and mountain scenery. Paris is perennially a top town for travellers seeking a perfect retreat. Known for its romance, it is an ideal destination for lovers and honeymooners. With fantastic shopping and numerous Michelin-starred restaurants, Paris is also ideal for a touch of luxe. The vineyards of France, meanwhile, produce world-class wine and are stunning, to boot. Consider a posh villa in the French countryside to meet all your luxury accommodation needs.

  • Greece

    Both mainland Greece and the Greek Islands offer unforgettable experiences to travellers seeking extra comfort. Relish a quiet and tranquil villa on an island like Mykonos or Santorini, and unwind in a private pool. If you're looking for a more remote spot within Greece, the region of Peloponnese is an ideal destination for a luxury holiday away from the city. It has stunning landscapes and a romantic atmosphere, particularly ideal for a honeymoon. Greece also offers plenty of classy restaurants in addition to classic tabernas.

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